What Is Feminine Energy?

how to heal wounded feminine energy

Everyone has feminine and masculine energy within themselves.

Masculine energy is not just exclusive to men. And feminine energy is not present in women.

Everybody has both.

A different balance.

Different levels of masculinity and femininity.

It’s like the Yin and Yang or like Shakti and Shiva in Hinduism.

Both are needed.

Examples of feminine energy

What are the examples of feminine energy?

Feminine energy is that part of you that is calling you to come back to your emotions.

To stop hustling and chasing, running around.

She demands you to look inside.

To heal everything you have been suppressing.

Your past, your wounds, your pain.

Feminine energy is the creativity inside you.

The potential.

The life force that is waiting to be unleashed.

Feminine energy is the fire inside you that burns everything that is out of alignment.

Everything that is out of integrity.

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Feminine energy is also your gentle, soft, caring, nurturing, compassionate side.

Compassionate towards yourself and others.

Feminine is comfortable with the dark, with the unknown, with the cycles, ups, and downs, birth, and death.

Whereas the masculine is all about control and structure.

Feminine is that pulsing energy that wants you to dance and be playful.

Feminine wants you to express. Your feelings, your emotions, your joys, your fears.

Feminine energy happens when you stop thinking and you move your attention into your body.

Feminine energy loves beauty.

Loves nature. She is magnetic.

She attracts everything she needs.

She manifests.

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Why do you need your feminine energy?

The world has been running mainly on masculine energy.

We are expected to hustle, grind, work till we can’t anymore.

And we all feel there is something missing …

The feminine energy inside all of us is calling for our attention.

We are seeing more and more people wanting to evoke their feminine side.

Because it has been repressed for so many years.

And to be truly balanced…
we need to evoke our feminine energy.

Activating your feminine energy is the way to become full again.

Vibrant, joyful, happy, creative, and fulfilled.

Tuning into your feminine energy is not just about becoming more girly and feminine to attract the right type of guy you want.

It’s about becoming whole within yourself.

Nourishing all the aspects of yourself.

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