5 Things To Give Up To Be More Feminine

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Sometimes becoming a new version of ourselves is less about learning the new and more about letting go of the old. Old ways of being, old thoughts, habits, places, people,…

What are the 5 things we can give up to be more feminine?

1) give up Competitive mindset

Competing often takes away from your own unique beauty.

Let go of:

  • competing against other women
  • gossiping
  • comparing yourself
  • competing with men

Focus all your energy on yourself. Your growth. Your unique path.

2) stop Refusing help

Do you feel the need to do everything yourself? Do you take pride in being always independent? Do you think suffering makes you worthy?

Time to let go of it all.

To be more feminine, learn to receive help.

What are the areas in your life where you can allow more help?

3) let go of Fearful thougts

Sometimes there are circumstances we cannot control.

Hard times, sudden life changes, …

If you are too fearful, too anxious, too much in your head … practice feeling your body.

To be more feminine and connected to your feminine energy, focus on your body, your breath, and your heart.

Remember to do your best with what you have. Let go of trying to control things you cannot control and believe that things will fall into place.

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4) stop Accepting less than you deserve in romantic relationships

Maybe the reason you are starting your feminine journey is to find more fulfillment in romantic relationships.

The right man will pursue you, he will talk about the future, he will be consistent and emotionally available.

So let go of the men who are not showing up, who are not treating you the way you should be treated. Don’t settle down with someone hoping things will get better or that he will change.

If you are not satisfied with the type of men you are attracting right now, maybe it is time to pause for a while and focus on yourself and your transformation.

5) StOP neglecting your beauty

I sometimes neglect my appearance because I am scared it’s a waste of time and I should rather be productive.

I am sure you have your own reasons for not putting effort into yourself.

Too busy? Kids? Nobody cares? Waste of money and time? Working from home?

To be more feminine, make yourself feel beautiful every day by looking your best.

It will change your mood. You will have more energy. You will be spontaneous to say yes to whatever opportunities the day brings.

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Final thoughts

What are the habits that do not serve you anymore? What are the habits that you can give up to be more feminine?

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