feminine manners


Hello lovely,

my name is Katerina and I am so excited you are here!

On this blog I love to combine my passion for:

– being a woman (feminine energy)

– mindfulness techniques (journaling, meditation)

– life-long learning (personal development, books, and resources).

I am just a normal woman, who is passionate about figuring stuff out for herself and loves to share with others!

You are more than welcome to join.

I discovered the term feminine energy in 2019 and I knew I had rediscovered something that has been deeply missing from my life.

Since 2019 I have been obsessed with the topic of femininity and feminine energy. I was reading books until late at night. I found myself constantly researching and researching more. I was addicted to figuring this thing out for myself and I spent my every waking hour learning.

My journey included many ups and downs. It included deep healing and grief for what I have missed out on. But my journey also included freedom, many “aha” moments, moments of empowerment, and big realizations. I came back to my softness, my truth, and my feminine heart.

One thing I know for sure is that …  ANY woman can rediscover her connection to her feminine energy if she feels the calling to do so. No matter what has happened in your life, no matter what you have been taught or haven’t been taught in your childhood. Your feminine heart has been always there, all the way along, it’s just hidden, disguised, and unable to shine through.

Please, enjoy this feminine journey! You are here for a reason!

My hope is you will find exactly what you need on this blog and my programs.

About me

  1. I have a degree in Finance and worked in the corporate world for some time.
  2. I completed a 10-day silent retreat in India, where I learned how to meditate.
  3. One of my favorite tools is journaling. I have been journaling for the last 9 years and I have about 50 + journals filled.
  4. My biggest passion is self-development and I have already spent thousands of dollars on it.
  5. I came to find out that you can use inner work and healing to live your best life, no matter what was your upbringing.