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Are you exhausted trying to “make it” in a man’s world, overwhelmed with burdens of perfection and self-worth?

Do you stuff down, ignore, or hide parts of yourself in order to be acceptable, attractive, or taken seriously? 

Yet you remain unfulfilled, miserable, and at war with yourself?

There is a path to help you become the woman you are aching to become.

The feminine energy is the positive, loving energy that lives deep inside all of us, no matter how we identify our gender.

You can use your feminine energy to heal yourself and your relationships and cultivate peace and confidence.

Through exercises, audio meditations and journaling prompts, this Transformation Program guides you in unlocking your feminine energy in just 7 days.

Here is everything you need for total transformation:

What’s inside:

Practical Workbook packed with  exercises and journal prompts

"Womb Healing" Audio Guided Meditation to heal the deepest wounds and blocks (40-minute)

Easy to follow "Increase Feminine Energy" Audio Guided Meditation (20-minute)

Free Bonus #1 "Find The Love You Desire" Audio Guided Meditation that put you in tune with the love you deserve (18-minute)

Free Bonus #2  [Printable] 50 Feminine Energy Boosting Affirmations to increase your feminine energy



Instant download. Lifetime access.

Risk-Free 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.


KirstenNY, USA
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“For the first time ever, I feel like I understand my femininity. I'd already begun seeing breakthroughs and improvement in my relationships. This program has been a true gift."
KimDallas, USA
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"I was resistant to being feminine for all my life. Mainly because of my hurtful relationship with my mother. I had really bad menstruation pain too. After I embraced and understood my feminity most pain was just gone."
SusanChicago, USA
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"There are practical tips and guidance on how to connect to your feminine. I found some of those exercises and meditations to be very nourishing and healing and plan to add them into my self-care practice. "
KatePorto, Portugal
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"It's perfect for busy women who want to add feminine practice into their daily lives. I came across this program at just the right moment. Thank you!"

How it works:

Transform yourself

in 7 days!

How it works:

Transform yourself

in 7 days:

Find encouragement on your journey with insightful writing prompts and exercises.

Heal the insecurities, the fears, and the inherited patterns with guided meditations.

Explore practices that put you in tune with your most powerful self.

with this program you will be able to:

person holding unlock feminine energy workbook

🌹 Unleash your feminine power without exhausting yourself or pushing up against the world “like a man”.

💗 Increase your self-love and compassion

💃🏽 Connect to the powerful and confident woman you are

💗  Be open to fully receive

🔶 Receive more pleasure in all aspects of your life

🎨  Unleash your incredible feminine creativity and passion

👫 Instantly improve your intimate relationships

💃🏽  Be more feminine in relationships

💔 Clear out past traumas and relationship trauma

🔶  Release negative sexual imprint of past partners


Day 1: Uncover Limiting Beliefs

Discover why you’ve not been able to align with your precious feminine energy and what is holding you back from your femininity.

Day 2: release your resistance

Heal the insecurities, the fears, and the inherited patterns that are preventing your feminine from shining through with a powerful exercise.

deep womb healing meditation

Day 3: heal your wounds

Release stored trauma and negativity that has been impacting your intimate relationships, sexuality, and ability to create with this powerful womb healing guided meditation.

Day 4: redefine what’s feminine

Start feeling like the woman you were meant to be by reclamining your authentic inner feminine.

Day 5: redirect your future

See how feminine energy can open up your world. Uncover what are all the possible future improvements in your own life.

guided meditation for women increase feminine energy

Day 6: feminine affirmations

Skyrocket your feminine energy with a guided meditation designed to increase feminine energy with 100+ feminine affirmations.

Day 7: begin feminine practices

Discover feminine practices that will help you connect with your femininity in your daily life and how to love and rejoice in your body.

Discover why “feminine” is one of the strongest parts of you.

Instant download. Lifetime access.

Risk-Free 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.

Enroll now, and get these bonuses, free!


find love meditation

“Find The Love You Desire”

[AUDIO Guided Meditation]

Open your heart to love

Bring your desired relationship

Improve your current relationships

Feel more love in your life


free gift feminine energy affirmations

50 feminine affirmations [Printable]

Designed to awaken your femininity

Easy print-out



If you are ignoring and suppressing your feminine side

If you overuse your "masculine" strengths

If you are forcing and pushing life instead of flowing with life

If you are hoping to find more peace and balance

If you want to step into your warrior feminine power

This program is for you!

No matter your age, stage of life, or situation. Your feminine energy is a gift to you and your relationships!

unlock your feminine energy and discover your most powerful self

Instant download. Lifetime access.

Risk-Free 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.

Backed by our no-risk guarantee

100 % Risk-Free 30 Days Guarantee

Go through the tools and materials for 30 days risk-free, and decide whether it is right for you.

If you’re not happy, send us an email and we will refund you every dollar. No questions asked.

Frequently asked questions

The Feminine Transformation Program is designed to be a 7-day program. But always listen to yourself and take all the time you need. All materials will be yours forever, so if you want to take a break for a few days, or come back to it later, you can!

Once you complete your purchase, you’ll see a confirmation page with a download link. You will also receive the download link in the e-mail following the payment. You can always access all materials by downloading them from the email.

All materials will be yours forever. Simply download everything after completing your purchase.

Download all files after purchase. The 7-Day Feminine Transformation workbook is in PDF format. You can print it out or just read it from your phone/computer/tablet. The audio guided meditations are in an MP3 file. Simply play using your preferred device.

All meditations in this program are suitable for complete beginners. You don’t need to know any meditation techniques. You will be guided through audio the whole time.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Send us an e-mail and we will refund you every dolar. No questions asked.

You can always e-mail us at info@bykaterinacz.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

16 reviews for Unlock Feminine Energy: 7-Day Transformation Program

  1. angela

    Glad I gave this a chance. It helps with so many things and changes your prospective on so many levels. I think every woman should do this program.

  2. llana J

    I loved this workbook! Straight to journal prompts and self reflection. Connect to your feminine and step in to your power!

  3. Janet

    The journaling prompts are very powerful and will speak right to your heart. It also allows you to process at your own pace. The workbook is practical, and very accessible to any woman. It’s perfect for those that seek to access their creativity, pleasure, and femininity.

  4. Sim

    I gave five stars because I think for what it is, it was well done. A step by step guide how to reconnect with your feminine. The exercises and meditations really make me think and work through my blockages. The program I needed <3

  5. Kristen J

    Taught me a lot! From the moment I started the first chapter, I knew that this was everything I was looking for. I have learned so much about myself.

  6. Tara

    So far so good.

  7. Samantha.T

    Wonderful workbook and meditations! I loved this so much! I am 25 and still feel very much at the beginning of my feminine journey,

  8. shelby

    There’s a ton of practical exercises that assist in getting to know yourself on a new level. I found this program extremely helpful, it actually exceeded my expectations

  9. ASHIA

    Recently started on my self love journey after a difficult time in my life. This gave me some new practices to use for self care. I feel resourced with new ways to connect with my feminine in all areas of my life and I am falling in love with myself!

  10. Suzana

    This made a huge difference. I am only a quarter way through the program and it has helped me understand/uncover so much about myself already- I can’t wait to finish the workbook!

  11. Marie B

    If you are looking to explore who you are as a woman, this is a must-have. It is filled with prompts that help you get in touch with yourself, heal, and so much more. I’d say any woman wanting to get in touch with her feminine nature should immediately buy this program.

  12. Pam

    I definitely feel it’s worth purchasing. Easy to follow along. I feel like I’ve had an AHA moment with this program.

  13. Tina

    I love both the audio and the workbook I purchased. I have listened to the meditations on numerous occasions.
    Definitely recommend this !! 5 stars

  14. Clare

    Meditations are so relaxing and simply beautiful to listen to.

  15. Stefhany

    Still going through the exercises but enjoying it

  16. Tere

    Thoroughly enjoyed this workbook and really got a lot out of it. ME TIME is really needed.

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