3 Ways to Renew Your Feminine Energy

how to be less masculine as a woman

Have you been feeling stagnant, stuck, low on mood, and “in a rut”?

No matter what you do … is it hard to shift out of the state and make a change?

If so, then this article is exactly FOR YOU!

I will show you 3 ways to RENEW your feminine energy.

So you feel energetic, motivated, and full of life again!

Let’s go!

1) Release heavy emotions

The first way to renew your feminine energy is to release heavy emotions.

Emotions are stored in the body!

If you don’t release them they manifest as low mood, feeling tired or even getting sick.

You CAN’T AFFORD to have these unprocessed emotions living in your body!

You need to release them!

While journaling and meditation can be nice for releasing your emotions … to completely RENEW your feminine energy you need something stronger!

Action: Scream into a pillow

To release your deepest unprocessed emotions … scream into a pillow.

Sounds too extreme? Sounds like something you would never do?

I was skeptical as well … until I tried it.

There is something primal that happens when you scream. It is the most powerful release I have experienced so far! How could I have all this anger inside me? I had no idea. But screaming into a pillow reset my mood, creativity and unblocked me!


Find time and space when you are alone. Start screaming into a pillow, and let your body take over. Scream fully in the most primal way. There might be thoughts, emotions, and memories surfacing. Notice them, feel fully, and let them disappear. Do not judge yourself! Whatever comes up, comes up. This is your time to release.

It will feel weird and awkward!

But will you sacrifice a few moments of feeling weird for feeling light and in your best energy again?

2) Shock your nervous system

The second way to completely renew your feminine energy is to shock your nervous system.

If you have been feeling “stuck”, low on mood and without energy for a long time, you need to shock your nervous system by shocking your body!

It brings you to the present moment, releases stress from your body and renews you!

Action: Take a cold shower

Take a cold shower or do a cold plunge. Brace for the cold and do it anyways. Feel the relaxation and relief after you are done. Congratulations, you just reset your body with new energy and released culminated stress.

Please, listen to your body! I would avoid cold showers before and on my period and while sick.

3) Take a break

The third way to renew your feminine energy is to take a break.

If you are anything like me, you are constantly into self-improvement …

Reading, analyzing your behaviors, thoughts, beliefs …

But there is a point when all this stops working and the returns from your work are diminishing.

This is your clue to take a break!

It’s time to interrupt your patterns and do something new.

Action: Take a break

Stop journaling, meditating, and “working” on yourself for a week. Allow yourself to just be. Remember, you don’t need any of this. You are already healed and complete! Live fully without needing to improve yourself all the time!

Also, expose yourself to activities you wouldn’t normally do. Things you would normally avoid, see as unproductive or lame. Change your patterns completely.

Then watch your energy, motivation, inspiration coming back!

Final Thoughts

That’s it!

Here are 3 ways to renew your feminine energy:

  • release stored emotions in the most primal way and scream into a pillow
  • shock your body and nervous system with a cold shower
  • take a complete break and change your patterns

Do these 3 things, and watch your energy, inspiration, and motivation come back!


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