3 Ways To Receive More Help

how to connect to your feminine energy

Are you feeling beyond drained and exhausted?

Does it feel like everything is always on you?

Do you keep telling yourself: “just work harder” or “I have to do more”?

When your masculine energy is overactive …  life seems like a burden.

Learning how to receive help is KEY for living more in your feminine energy.

Here are 3 ways how to start receiving more help, so you can connect with your feminine energy.

1) Receive the help you are already getting

The first way to receive more help is to become aware of all the ways you are already getting help and FULLY RECEIVE IT.

Even when someone does something really small, fully receive the help.

Even if someone helps you and it’s not perfect. RECEIVE it fully.

Criticising and wanting everything to be perfect is how we REJECT help.

This keeps us in our narrative of : “I have to do everything myself.”


Think of 3 situations you might be already receiving help, but you block it.

Maybe you criticise. Downplay. Step in and finish the task yourself.

Turn these situations into an opportunity to fully receive!

Wherever it is… lean back and enjoy receiving help.

Fully allow and receive.

2) Ask for help

The second way to receive more help is to start asking for it.

I know you are strong and you can everything yourself perfectly.

But just because you CAN do everything ourselves,  doesn’t mean you should!

The overmasculine woman is always trapped in never asking for help.

Healthy giving and receiving signals to your primal brain that you are safe. You are part of a tribe. You have people around who have your back. This reciprocity makes you feel safe.

If you only give and never ask for help you are draining yourself. 

Healthy feminine knows she CAN do everything herself, but she doesn’t want to.


Ask for help with something small.

Something you normally do yourself.

Allow other people to take care of it.

Get comfortable saying: “Can you please help me with… ?”

3) Rewire how you think about help

The last way how to receive more help is to rewire your thinking and limiting beliefs.

You might have the idea that if someone is helping you – you are taking from them.

But that’s not true!

Why do people who retire suddenly become depressed?

Because they don’t feel needed anymore.

We humans need to feel needed.

When we GIVE, we also RECEIVE.

This is especially true for the masculine!!!

When you ask a healthy masculine man for help…

he is receiving, he feels like he has a purpose, he feels strong.

The more he helps you, the more he invests in you – the more he falls in love with you!

Playing a woman who can do everything herself… Is working against you in love!


When someone helps you, they also receive from the transaction!

Notice how people feel good when you ask them for help.

Notice how people benefit – they feel good, needed and appreciated.

Final Thoughts

Here are 3 ways how to receive more help:

  • Learn to fully RECEIVE the help you are already getting
  • Start asking for help, EVEN with things you can do yourself
  • Notice how people BENEFIT from healthy giving and receiving with you

When you heal our relationship with receiving help…

You fall back into your feminine.

You know you can do a lot yourself, but you know you don’t have to.

There is rest, safety and comfort in that!

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