How To Look More Feminine: Quick Tips

how to look more feminine

A truly feminine and classy woman is a rarity.

Choosing a more feminine look will make you feel more attractive, elevated, and powerful.

Remember there is no one proper way how to look more feminine.

My goal today is to provide you with as many ideas as possible.

Choose from the list and go for what’s authentic for you.

What you feel that will level you up:)

The goal is not to try you put you in a box, but to empower you to find your unique expression.

How to look more feminine

Overall guidance:

🔶  Focus on looking clean and polished

🔶 Less is more

🔶 Health, hygiene, and grooming is always first. You can’t compensate that with heavy make-up.

🔶 Details are important

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🔸 Focus mainly on natural colors or feminine colors like pink, blue and red

🔸 Throw away any damaged clothes

🔸 Avoid wrinkles, a good idea is to invest in a steamer

🔸 Wear clothes that show your silhouette

🔸 Avoid anything too revealing or too tight

🔸 Show off your shoulders, your collarbones

🔸 Tailor your clothes so it fits you perfectly (find a tailor)

🔸 Avoid cheap fabrics

🔸 Fabrics to focus on: silk, cotton, cashmere, satin, linen

🔸 Throw away any old, destroyed underwear

🔸 Wear nice lingerie. Even if you wear it just for yourself

🔸 Add lace

🔸 Add ruffles

🔸 Switch jeans for nice pants

🔸 Add more skirts and dresses

🔸 Try white trousers

🔸 Find a flowy summer dress that makes you feel like a goddess

🔸 Avoid any attention-seeking clothes (big logos, glitters, crazy colors, …)

🔸 Try monochrome outfits – all black, all white, all beige,…

🔸 Choose floral patterns to look more romantic


🔸 Always keep your shoes clean

🔸 Avoid studs and extreme colors

🔸 Wear heels! Everyone remembers a woman who wears heels

🔸 Avoid inappropriately high heals (ideal is maximum 11 cm)

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🔸 Don’t wear a bag that is ruined

🔸Declutter your bag and wallet. Keep it clean inside

🔸 Wear dainty jewelry 

🔸 Invest in a couple of high-end jewelry pieces that will last

🔸 Draw attention to your wrist by wearing a bracelet


🔸 Focus on healthy, natural-looking hair

🔸 Avoid any crazy colors

🔸 Cut any dead ends

🔸 Do a hair mask every week

🔸 Learn to blow dry your hair with a round brush

🔸 Learn basic styling: loose curls, straight hair, …

🔸 Put argan oil in your ends to make your hair silkier

🔸 Play with hair accessories


🔸 Keep your teeth healthy and white

🔸 Keep your nails clean and groomed

🔸 Do pedicure – even in winter

🔸 Nail colors ideas: baby pink, red, white, french, cream

🔸Exfoliate your body once a week

🔸 Hydrate your skin after every shower

🔸 Perfume! Always smell nice.


🔸 Instead of adding more make-up, focus on skincare

🔸 Try face massages and face masks

🔸 Protect your skin with sunscreen every day

🔸 Wear natural looking make-up

🔸 Draw attention to your eyes (Mascara, light eyeshadow, and eyeliner will do the job)

🔸Red lipstick – find the right one for your skin tone

🔸 Wear nude and pink lipstick for a more romantic and innocent look

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Final thoughts

I hope you enjoyed the list and found something for you.

Don’t put yourself in a box and go in a direction that feels good.

Commit to your appearance out of self-care and self-love.

It affects how you feel every day.

So wear what you love and dress up.

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