The Truth About Feminine Hobbies In 2022

feminine hobbies

Feminine hobbies are a powerful way how to gain more confidence and enrich your life.

Working on your passions is how you differentiate yourself as a high-value woman with an interesting personality.

Each time you choose to invest your time into passions and hobbies over Netflix, you are becoming higher value.

Nurture your mind and femininity by picking up a new hobby.

find what makes you unique

Choose something you want to naturally pursue out of joy and interest.

Don’t pick up feminine hobbies just to look a certain way.

Nurture yourself by nurturing your true interests.

Tap into what makes you special.

Avoid passive entertainment

Femininity is not passive.

Avoid being a consumer of passive entertainment.

Netflix and social media are just pure entertainment and distractions. Don’t waste your time on Instagram watching other people’s lives and put effort into making your own life more interesting.

Choose challenge over passivity.

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Disclaimer: All hobbies can be feminine

Please, don’t restrict yourself just to so-called feminine hobbies. Any hobby can be feminine if you approach it femininely.

Feminine hobbies are nurturing, creating, and beautifying. Choose anything that sparks joy and gives you energy.


  1. Teaching online, mentoring
  2. Volunteering
  3. Public speaking
  4. Bread making, cheese making, pasta making
  5. Cookie decorating
  6. Keeping houseplants
  7. Candle making
  8. Soap making
  9. Furniture rehabilitation
  10. Bullet journaling
  11. Blogging
  12. Starting a Youtube channel
  13. Starting a podcast
  14. Starting a book club
  15. Acting
  16. Singing
  17. Fine art
  18. Etiquette and elegance
  19. Interior design
  20. Aromatherapy
  21. Giving massages
  22. Horse riding
  23. Flower arrangement
  24. Belly dancing, lap dancing, pole dancing
  25. Tarot reading
  26. Astrology
  27. Playing an instrument
  28. Playing singing bowls
  29. Jewelry making
  30. Calligraphy
  31. Learning a new language
  32. Sewing
  33. Organizing and planning events

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Pick and write down a few hobbies you want to try and work on.

Don’t fall for the idea that you first need to feel motivated to start. Motivation is something that comes after you start.

You can have zero skills. Luckily, the Internet is an amazing resource to have. You can find online courses on photography, fine arts, creative writing, and much more on Skillshare.

share your talents with others

Many feminine hobbies can be enjoyed in a group of people.

Bond with your mother, grandma, or aunt over cooking together. Join a book club to discuss your favorite books with others. Organize a photography trip with your girlfriends.

Use your talents to nurture others.

Share your freshly baked bread with your neighbors, send hand-written cards with beautiful calligraphy for birthdays. Hand-made candles are a beautiful gift.

final thoughts

Try new activities and keep the ones you enjoy.

Stay open and be enthusiastic about life. Never stop doing things. Show people the passion you have.

Wishing you all the best in pursuing your dreams and hobbies.

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