Why Men Love Feminine Women

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Hello lovely,

it today’s article I am so excited to share with you all the secrets …

and that’s:

Why men love feminine women.

I am excited you will be able to use this information in your own life and get more attention and the love you desire.

Once you understand these principles, it really is that easy!

So why men love feminine women?


1) She brings him peace

The number one reason why masculine men love feminine women is because she brings him peace!

Here is the truth … A truly healthy masculine man sees the world as a battle!

It is a never-ending competition, burden, and working hard.

This is how they see the world!

A FEMININE woman feels like a breath of fresh air.

She is open-hearted, light, and fun.

She opens a whole new world for him … emotionally and spiritually.

And men would do anything to protect a woman like this!

take away:

If you show up in your MASCULINE energy in a romantic relationship…

… you won’t bring him the peace he needs.

You compete with him, lead him, manage him.

You will feel to him just as ANOTHER burden to deal with.

Instead of protecting YOU …  He will protect himself FROM YOU.

Turning on that feminine energy and learning how to use it effectively in your romantic relationship is THE solution to activating his love, providing, and seeing you as the woman of his dreams, he wants to chase!

2) She is stimulating

The second reason why men love feminine women is that they are stimulating.

She makes him feel aliveee!

Men have a very different nervous system than us women!

Their nervous system is very dense.

It takes them A LOT more stimulus to feel something …

That’s why commercials for men are loud, fast, with lots of colors, big boobs and big lips.

Their nervous system needs more stimulation to even perceive something!

A FEMININE woman is full of colors, energy, and flavors.

She is irresistible and draws him in.

take away:

When you show up in your RESTRICTED masculine energy, he CANNOT EVEN PERCEIVE YOU.

He simply doesn’t see you!

You are not stimulating enough for his nervous system to register you as the woman he wants to romance and pursue.

That’s why going back into your feminine and learning playfulness, lightness, and magnetism is KEEEEY!

I teach all the feminine flavors and characteristics you will ever need in the Unlock Feminine Energy Program.

There is light feminine energy, dark feminine energy, goddess energy, kitten energy and so much more.

We as women have so much to choose from!

It’s time you start using these gifts!

Final Thoughts

Masculine men love feminine women because they bring them peace and are stimulating enough to make them feel!

That’s why men are OBSESSED with feminine women and are willing to do anything to get her and keep her.

And now that you start weeping and crying that you are not like these women …

listen …

being a FEMININE woman is literally the EASIEST thing for a woman to do!

It’s the only thing we were doing for thousands of years!

… until we got conditioned out of it! (AKA hello modern world)

So get your act together and claim your power as the feminine delicious woman you are!

We are waiting for you in the Unlock Feminine Energy Program.

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