Feminine Fragrance And Perfume Explained

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Hello there,

today we talk about feminine fragrances and perfume.

This topic may seem not very important, but please hear me out.

You may underestimate fragrance. Maybe you don’t see the importance of spending money on this at all.

But I promise it will make a big difference in how you connect to your femininity.

The power of feminine fragrance

Wearing a feminine fragrance is a powerful way how to change your mood. It can change your state emotionally and mentally.

The fragrance you choose also tells people around you how you want to be received. It adds that nice touch to how people experience and remember your presence. 

Adding perfume to your routine brings a sense of luxury to your everyday life. It is a way to feel special and valued. I immediately carry myself differently. I soften up in my energy. I feel elegant and cared for.

A perfume adds mystery and glamour to your feminine aura.

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Fragrance 101

You will probably encounter these types of fragrances based on  concentration:

🔸 Eau de Parfum (15-20 % of the perfume oil, more expensive)

🔸 Eau de Toilette (concentration is 5-15 %, lasts a shorter period of time)

If you are not used to fragrances at all, then there is an option to go for even less concentrated products. Look for body sprays and fragrance oils.

choosing the right fragrance for you

Perfume is very personal. What works for another person doesn’t have to work for you.

I recommend trying a sample from a store, spraying it directly on your wrist, and seeing how the fragrance change throughout the day.

Fragrances have different layers that are released gradually. Therefore it will be a mistake to choose based on the first impression.

You can buy many small bottles of samples, try them all out and invest in a fragrance you love.

You might change your fragrance based on season, the time of the day or you can have just one signature scent you use. Whatever works for you.

using your fragrance the proper way

Choose one or two points where you will be spraying your fragrance.

The best places are the points on your body that are naturally warm – your pulse points. Such as behind the ear, the base of the throat, inside elbow, inside wrist, or behind the knee.

Hold the bottle about 4 inches from the skin while spraying.

Walking into a spray cloud is a waste.

Start with one spritz and then add up to 3-6, depending on your chosen concentration.

Never rub perfume on your skin, as it’s killing the top note of your perfume and it will disappear faster.

Try first applying a small amount of vaseline to the areas where you spray perfume. This will boost your scent and make it last longer.

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my top 3 recommendations

There are so many fragrances out there, that you won’t probably know where to start.

I am sharing with you a list of feminine fragrances I use and love or I want to try because I heard so many good reviews.

This has been my signature perfume for many many years. I don’t see many people talk about this one and I don’t really remember how I found it. But men really love this one. I got so many compliments. It’s elegant, yet seductive, somewhat mysterious. I find it super effective to spray this one into my hair too. People notice the smell every time I play with my hair. The link is here.

I heard so many good reviews on this one, that’s is the first one on my list of perfumes I want to add to my collection.

I am not a big fan of the bottle design, but the smell is amazing. This feminine fragrance represents modern femininity, which is both strong and soft. It’s more on the sexier side.

Link is here.

The second fragrance I researched and decided to put on my wish list.

This one is more on the mature and classy side. It is a fresh floral scent, that will give you clean, polished vibes. For any occasion when you want to appear more innocent.

Link is here.

I hope you enjoyed today’s chat about fragrances.

Please let me know if you have more recommendations on your favorite fragrances and what’s in your perfume collection.

I am always interested 🙂


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