10 Steps: How To Heal Wounded Feminine Energy

how to heal wounded feminine energy

How do you heal a wounded feminine:

Do you feel like you have lost the connection to your feminine self? Find out how to heal wounded feminine energy now!

Healing your feminine energy is possible and easier than you think.

Your feminine energy is always there, inside you. You have never lost it. All you need to do is to reconnect with it.

Truly healed feminine energy is playful, nurturing, creative and intuitive.

Heal your feminine energy with these 10 steps:

1) Find time for introspection

The feminine is not afraid to look within.

She is very comfortable with her inner darkness.

She doesn’t run away.

Find your tool for introspection.

Journaling, therapy, meditation? Find which one fits you the most.

2) Listen to your period symptoms

Painful period, PMS, moodiness, irregular cycle?

Start listening to your symptoms.

Your most intuitive feminine self speaks to you every month. The time before and on your period is where you can hear her the most.

If you suppress yourself with pain killers and jush push through the day, you are missing the message.

Start tracking your period, symptoms, and moods.

How do your needs, feelings, desires change throughout the month?

Being comfortable with being cyclical is the way how to heal wounded feminine energy.

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3) Heal your sexuality

Your capacity to receive pleasure is directly connected to your capacity to receive in life overall.

It tells you how you receive prosperity, success, and wealth.

Are you able to enjoy yourself fully without judgement and shame? Are you comfortable receiving pleasure?

If not, there are blocks and trauma stored in your body.

Sexuality is an extremely powerful tool to dissolve those blocks.

4) Use feminine affirmations

How to heal wounded feminine energy with affirmations?

Affirmations are the easiest thing you can start using right now to heal your wounded feminine energy.

With repetition and consistency, affirmations are an incredibly powerful tool.

Find affirmations that resonate with you.

Simply search for feminine affirmations on the internet. Write them down, say them out loud or listen to them.

I have also put more than 100 feminine affirmations inside an audio-guided meditation, so you can easily listen to them throughout the day. The meditation is part of the bundle here: Unlock feminine energy program transformation.

5) Connect to your playful self

When was the last time you danced around the house very silly? Singing, dancing, running around the house?

Connect to your inner child.

The part of you that is playful, innocent, full of light.

Forget all your worries just for 5 minutes.

How can you bring more playfulness into your life?

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6) Feel your body

Masculine is in your head and thoughts.

Feminine is in your body.

Add activities that bring you back to your body.

Yoga, dancing, breathwork, walking barefoot, massages, stretching, …

Connecting with your body is a great way how to heal wounded feminine energy.

7) Express yourself

We as women are the ultimate creators. We can create life. 

Find a way to be creative.

Sign, paint, write, …

You have a lot of energy inside you, waiting to be expressed and realized.

There are so many hobbies you can try. Find something new and exciting for yourself.

8) Surround yourself with women

Find your tribe of women. 

Let go of friendships that no longer serve you and surround yourself with strong women who support and inspire you.

Avoid gossip and instead, find yourself a true feminine community

9) Trust your intuition

We as women have a great capacity to connect to our intuitive abilities.

Intuition is your source of wisdom. It will guide you in the right direction. 

Learn to recognize the difference between fear and intuition.

Use your intuition as a guide.

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10) Find your inner masculine

Only when your inner masculine is strong, your inner feminine can relax.

Your inner masculine creates a container of safety for your inner feminine to thrive in. 

Can you support yourself? Do you feel safe? Can you protect yourself? Can achieve the life you want through action?

Write down 10 things on how you already feel protected, supported, and safe.

Final thoughts

Still don’t know where to start? The Unlock Feminine Energy Program will guide you day by day with journaling prompts, meditations, and exercises. It takes you on a journey from releasing your negative beliefs and traumas to fully embodying femininity. 

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