How To Be Magnetic

how to be magnetic

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You can learn how to be magnetic to people, places, and opportunities you most desire.

It takes just becoming more mindful about your energy and knowing these few principles I will share with you now.

As with anything in life, this is a skill.

So have fun with the process of learning.

Magnetic energy

Your energy never lies.

And it can either repel or attract what you want.

When your energy is magnetic, you become a person who has that glow.

A person who is alive and light up the room. 

Things and opportunities will fall into your lap much easily.

You will be more attractive.

Read the next 8 steps and learn how to be magnetic.

1) Stop seeking approval

Are you all the time chasing people in your mind, trying to figure out how to make them like you?

Are you always trying to make everyone else happy?

This is people-pleasing.

And people-pleasing will always give you the opposite result.

Others can always feel your needy energy.

When you take your energy back, people will respect you more.

Next time you enter a room, give yourself the approval first!

Loosen up.

You have everything you need within you already. There is nothing to chase.

2) Be at peace with yourself

Level up your self-love and self-care journey.

Constantly work on that.

A part of self-love work is learning how to be at peace with yourself.

You are doing the best you can all the time, so stop being so hard on yourself.

Be your biggest supporter.

When you feel worthy and significant, people will treat you that way.

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3) Be authentic and non-judgemental

When you are not judging yourself, you allow people around you to relax. You create a safe place for yourself and others.

Talk about your mistakes with ease. Authentically share your journey, with all the ups and downs.

You will notice that people will open up to you more and they will feel loved and seen every time they are around you.

4) Stop putting others on the pedestal

The more you put something on a pedestal, the more resistance you create.

See talking to a person you admire as natural and normal. 

Realize nobody is better than you and nobody is worse. You are worthy as everyone else.

If you treat someone like a celebrity, they will treat you as a fan.

Be aware of the position you are putting yourself in.

5) Have well defined passions

Have always something interesting to talk about, no matter how small.

The important thing is that lights up your soul. It gives you that spark in your eyes when you talk.

If you feel right now like you don’t have any passions, just make it your next goal to find one.

Explore different hobbies and interests.

Be your own biggest project.

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6) Get in your body

This is a quick body scan technique how to bring your energy back to your center at the moment you need it.

Use this technique whenever you find yourself overthinking about others or when you are in the middle of an argument.


Slowly scan your body with your attention. Notice how you feel in your face. Is there any tension? Relax your shoulders. Notice your chest and belly. Swipe your attention all the way to your legs and feet.

Let go of any tension and reconnect with your body.

7) Let go of the outcome

Needy energy always repels what you want.

Realize you are good on your own already. You have everything you need now.

That way you relax and unblock your energy.

And you will get everything you want naturally and easily.

8) Be in the present moment

When you are present, you have access to the unlimited energy within you.

I am sure you experienced the flow state yourself.

It feels so effortless.

You are having a good time with your work, friends, and family. Everything just flows and falls into place.

The present moment fuels you.

Remember, that when you are thinking about the future or the past, you are robbing yourself of this energy.

I hope you enjoyed my thought on how to be magnetic.

If you read all the way here, let me know in the comments 🙂

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