35 Signs Of Blocked Feminine Energy

signs of blocked feminine energy

Are you concerned your feminine energy might be blocked? What are the signs of blocked feminine energy?

In this blog post, I will give you 35 signs of blocked feminine energy, so you can find out if this is an issue for you.

I will also provide you with tips on how to start unblocking your femininity!


Blocked feminine energy is when your feminine and masculine energies are not in balance.

We all have masculine and feminine sides present in us women. The problem is when you repress your feminine energy and push through life with your masculine energy.

Your feminine energy is blocked if you think that the only way how you can be in your power is to push with your masculinity.

Read the signs below to find out in which areas you are blocking your energy.

35 Signs of Blocked Feminine Energy

Here are 35 signs of blocked feminine energy:

1)  You see femininity as weak.

2)  You feel more powerful in masculine behavior.

3) You are neglecting self-care.

4) You always feel the need to be productive.

5) You rely on logic more than your intuition.

6) You are trying to control life.

7) You think cultivating beauty is shallow.

8) You feel like you cannot afford to rest.

9) You are disconnected from your body.

10) You have the need to prove yourself.

11) You experienced trauma or abuse as a woman.

12) You were raised by a single mother.

13) You think you need to struggle.

14) You think suffering makes you worthy.

15) You are busy doing, you forgot how to just be.

16) You do everything yourself.

17) You hate asking for help.

18) You hate being dependent on anyone.

19) You compare your strength to the men around you.

20) You feel drained, exhausted.

21) You lack joy.

22) You feel guilty doing things just for pleasure.

23) You have lost your sensuality.

24) You suppress your emotions.

25) You are uncomfortable receiving.

26) It is easier for you to give rather than to receive.

27) You feel resistance towards your mother, womanhood, or motherhood.

28) You attract feminine men.

29) You feel the need to impress men.

30) You struggle with romantic relationships.

31) You push yourself too hard.

32) You are disconnected from your sexuality.

33) You don’t think you are creative.

34) You don’t have many female friends.

35) It’s hard for you to express love.

Now that you know the signs of blocked feminine energy, how many did you check off? If you have a few or even most of these signs, it’s time to start unblocking your femininity!

How Do You Unblock Feminine Energy?

To unblock feminine energy you first need to heal your wounding and limiting beliefs around being a woman and femininity. Then you bring activities, practices, and habits that will help you express and incorporate your feminine self into your daily life.

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What causes blocked feminine energy?

Blocked feminine energy is often caused by traumatic events in our past.

Hiding our feminine side is a way how we try to protect yourself. It’s a coping strategy to feel more in control and in power.

To find out what might be your wounding and trauma, continue with this next article here: What causes wounded feminine energy.This will help you understand where your blocks might be coming from.

Final thoughts on signs of blocked feminine energy

I shared with you 35 signs of blocked feminine energy.

No matter how many signs you recognized, connecting back to your femininity is much easier than you think.

Femininity is your core. It has always been there, within you. You just need to get back to it.

To find out what action you can take right now to start healing your feminine energy, read this article next:  10 STEPS HOW TO HEAL WOUNDED FEMININE ENERGY.



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