blocked feminine energy

25 Signs Of Blocked Feminine Energy

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Blocked feminine energy is when your feminine and masculine energies are not in balance.

We all have masculine and feminine sides present in us women.

The problem is when you repress your feminine energy and push through life with your masculine energy.

Your feminine energy is blocked if you feel overwhelmed with life.

You are tired with no energy.

You have lost your spark.

Your feminine energy is blocked if you think that the only way how you can be in your power is to push with your masculinity.

You are rushing through life.

Read the signs below to find out in which areas you are blocking your energy.

25 Signs of Blocked Feminine Energy

1)  You think cultivating beauty makes you shallow

2) You are neglecting your beauty

3) You feel that spending time doing make-up, hair is a waste of time and you should rather be productive

4) You deal with life from masculine energy

5) You think being in your femininity makes you weak

6) You think you cannot afford being in your femininity

7) You feel stronger and more powerful in your masculine behaviour

8) You have the need to prove yourself

9) You want to prove you can handle things on your own

10) You think you need to struggle

11) You think that suffering makes you worthy

12) You are busy doing, you forgot how to just be

13) You do everything yourself

14) You hate asking for help

15) You hate being dependent on anyone

16) You compare your strength to the men around you

17) You feel drained, exhausted

18) You lack joy

19) You feel guilty doing things just for pleasure

20) You have lost your sensuality

21) You don’t manage your emotions, you suppress them

22) Receiving makes you nervous

23) It feels easier for you to give rather than to receive

24) You feel safe when giving, unsafe when receiving

25) You attract feminine men

How Do You Unblock Feminine Energy?

It’s much easier than you think.

Femininity is your core.

It has always been there, within you.

You just need to get back to it.

🔶 Awareness

Just by reading this you rejuvenate your blocked feminine energy. 

As you notice these behaviours in yourself, you are able to see yourself better.

And you can change the way you show up.

🔶 START TRUSTING your feminine side

As you are allowing your feminine side more and more, you realize this is where your strength is.

You will trust it more and more.

Allowing it more and more.

This whole blog is committed to helping you to release your blocked feminine energy.

Beauty, mindset, passion, pleasure, allowing the flow…

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