Why You Never Feel Beautiful Enough – 3 Reasons

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How can you become more confident and happy with yourself?

Right here. Right now.

Lately, I’ve been noticing, that no matter how much I improve my appearance, it’s just never enough.

It never makes me feel better about myself in the long term.

Overall I am tired of constantly being sad about how I look.

I am tired of analyzing myself in front of the mirror.

And I am tired of not feeling confident.

Most women remind themselves of the things they don’t like about themselves every day.

We are so insecure all the time.

And all that noise occupies our minds.

It's just your mindset. Take your power back.

Feeling pretty has nothing to do with actually being pretty. The problem is your mindset.

It’s all in your head.

To truly see changes in how you feel, your change must be inner first.

Only by changing your inner talk, you can start feeling beautiful for real.

By noticing these 3 tendencies of your mind, you can take your power back:

1) Comparison

Mostly we compare ourselves to something that is not realistic.

Instagram, filters, magazines, music videos….

Not real.

You have to stop thinking, that people actually look like that.

It’s altered. It’s toxic.

Imagine how happy you would be if you just dumped the idea of conventional beauty.

Stop the comparison.

2) Perception

We think we look a lot worse than we actually do.

People around you see you much more beautiful than you feel.

The imperfection you are trying to hide – they most probably didn’t even notice.

If you saw yourself the way others see you, you would have much more confidence.

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3) Projection

You are not able to receive compliments if you don’t believe they are true.

When you inwardly believe you are ugly, then you will doubt all compliments.

When a man tells you how beautiful you look, you don’t believe him. You put the compliment down right away. You think he wants to make you feel better or that he is lying.

Everything is filtered through your own beliefs. Therefore no amount of compliments help.

Change how you feel about yourself first.

Notice how all these tendencies of your mind are influencing how you think about yourself every day.

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