7 Quick Ways to Feel More Feminine During Hard Times

woman with too much masculine energy

How you can tap into your femininity during stressful times?

Lately, I’ve been experiencing feelings of fear, uncertainty, and anxiety.

Being in a fight mode all the time, worrying about the future, pushes me into my masculinity, and my feminine self is neglected.

If you find yourself in a similar situation…

Here are a few ideas on how to experience more of your feminine and gentle side during this time.

None of these require a change of your whole closet, a lot of money, or time.

1) Allow yourself to feel positive emotions

It’s easy to go downward spiral.

But no matter, how things are going, allow yourself to connect to positive emotions every day.

I practice a short gratitude exercise every evening before bed.

It’s in my calendar, scheduled, and I never miss a day.

I write down a few things I am grateful for and I feel them deeply.

On some days I am grateful for the most basic things – like breathing.

You can always find something.

It will charge your energy and you will go to sleep with a much better vibe.

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2) Remind yourself your passions

Find a few minutes a day for the things you absolutely love.

Things you know will give you energy.

I started reading again all the books that charge me up.

On my bed stand, I currently have The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. After a few pages, I feel a rush of energy.

The same I feel when listening to gentle music – like piano or lo-fi.

What are your passions, that always put you in a better mood?

3) Be attentive to others

Be genuinely interested in the people around you.

Ask them how are they feeling, what’s on their mind.

Genuinely listen.

Remember the small details about people and ask them about the topic again.

Honestly, this is something I wanna work on the most.

I walk around the same people every day and I don’t even know how they are doing.

4) Add a relaxing scent to your shower

Put some effort into finding and buying a really nice smelling body wash or shampoo.

Scents are so powerful, they can change your mood in a moment. Make you feel relaxed, happy, and special.

Also, water has the power to cleanse your energy.

Every time you shower / take a bath, imagine you are washing away all the unwanted energies.

Make your shower routine more unique by adding a smell you absolutely love.

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5) Buy a nice candle for your bedroom

Feminine is all about beautifying the environment.

When we are stressed, things can pile up and be messy.

Make it a habit to create a cozy and warm environment before going to bed.

Clean the room, organize things into drawers, and set the mood by lighting a candle.

6) Take care of your hair everyday

Many days I don’t do my make-up and I don’t dress up.

However, I try to never skip styling my hair.

I blow-dry, straighten my hair and finish by putting some oils in my ends.

Fresh hair feels so amazing. I feel more confident and put together.

7) Correct your posture and walk

When we are too much in our heads, worried, we forget about being in our body and having the right posture.

Drop down the shoulders and straighten up.

Walk a bit slower and more intentionally.

Sit nicely.

Breathe fully.

This takes time and practice. Be gentle with yourself.

Just correct your posture every time you notice.

I hope some of these ideas will remind you of your amazing, feminine aura.

The peace, calm, and space you have within.

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