How to Receive Gracefully As a Feminine Woman

how to be soft with a man

Receiving is a core feminine art.

Yet many women find it difficult.

Most of the time it’s easier for us to give, serve and help others.

We as women are built for receiving.

It is a skill, that you can learn.

Honor your womanhood by saying YES to receiving.

Why are you not open?

Receiving ultimately means being open to love.

Help is a form of love. Gifts are a form of love. Affection is a form of love.

Find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against love. Why can’t you receive?

Do you distrust people?

Maybe you think, that receiving comes with guilt and debt?

Maybe your parents told you, that they sacrificed everything for you and you grew up with a sense of guilt and a sense of being in debt?

No wonder you are nervous receiving gifts if deep down it means owing to someone.

No wonder you are stressed about asking for help if you think it will be used against you in the future.

Find your core wound.

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Connect to the feeling of worthiness again

Somewhere in your childhood, you felt unworthy for the first time.

Something happened and you felt, that you do not deserve, you are not enough.

You were just a child and now you keep bringing this heavy feeling of unworthiness to your adulthood.

But what if all of that was just a mistake? What if it wasn’t about you at all?

Connect to worthiness again.

Worthiness is your truth. Unworthiness is a shadow.

Question and pause every time:

… you feel, you need to earn love.

… you are not allowing love unless you achieve something.

… you think you have to give first, in order to get love.

Practice receiving - consciously

Find opportunities to practice and build your skill.

When receiving compliments – just say genuine thank you and smile.

Don’t turn down the compliment.

Receive the person by receiving their words.

When receiving a hug from somebody – don’t freeze and actually embrace their touch.

Be mindful and acknowledge their touch.

When receiving help – allow yourself to feel the support.

Experience it in your body.

Be still and allow the love in.

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As you practice, your ability to receive will get bigger and bigger.

You will feel charged up.

You will feel cared for and happy.

You will feel beautiful.

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