3 Things Killing Your Femininity

Hi lovely,

today I want to share with you the 3 thing you probably do that kill off your femininity the most.

Just by avoiding these 3 things you can make huge progress on your femininity journey.

The real feminine journey is NOT AT ALL  just about adding or bringing the new (new feminine energy activities etc.).

But about getting rid of the things that block our natural feminine energy in the first place!!!

So here it is, 3 things that kill your femininity.


1) Survival mode

Are you constantly worried, thinking about the future, and trying to solve scenarios in your head that haven’t even happened yet?

Then you are most probably in a state of survival.

Our body puts us in a state of survival when there is a real or a PERCEIVED threat to our well-being.

And PERCEIVED is the key word!

Most of our worries are imagined. They are not happening, they are not real!

So here you are … shaking, worried, stressed … unnecessarily wasting your energy …

Your natural feminine energy cannot even show up! It is impossible!


Turn around your physiology.

When we are in survival mode our breathing is fast and shallow.

By taking 10 deep breaths, you slow down your physiology and send a signal to your body: HEY I AM SAFE

2) Overcompensating

Do you over-do, over-give, over-try …

just because there is a deep feeling of unworthiness inside you?

We always try to overcompensate in the areas we think we are not enough …

It is a deep-rooted feeling of toxic shame, that is, unfortunately, driving a lot of our behavior.

So we keep chasing and chasing, yet we never get anywhere.

How exhausting 🙁

Until your behavior is driven by shame, there is very little space for your authentic femininity.


Slow down, step back.

Say, feel, and repeat:

“There is nothing I must do to earn love. I am worthy. I am enough.”

Do this every time you catch yourself overcompensating.

3) Not allowing things to be easy

Does everything feel hard and complicated?

Do you turn even the smallest task into the biggest burden?

There are so many things to be done …

The new workout routine we want to start, the business we want to launch, the house we need to clean, the daily things we need to get done …

and we are overwhelmed.

No time and energy for femininity whatsoever!


Allow things to be easy. Allow things to be fun.

Ask yourself:

How can I make this fun and easy?

If a one-hour workout feels really big and overwhelming, then a quick – not at all perfect workout feels doable, fun, and enjoyable!

If cleaning the whole house perfectly feels big and overwhelming, then do just a quick cleaning. Who cares if it’s not perfect? Make it super imperfect and play yourself some music on top!

If figuring out your whole career feels big and overwhelming, then take just a small action today toward your interests. Even if it feels small.

Here is the secret:

Allowing things to be easy fills you up with life-force energy!

… and then things happen for you quicker than ever before!

Final thoughts

There are 3 main things we do that are killing our femininity …

  1. Being in survival mode.
  2. The habit of overcompensating.
  3. Not allowing things to be fun and easy

By removing these, our natural feminine energy starts flowing through.

The Unlock Feminine Energy program is a 7-week guided program that removes the most common pitfalls for you if you are trying to get in your feminine energy.

It helps you avoid the most common mistakes …

Allowing your feminine journey to be fun and easy!

Here is the link: Unlock Feminine Energy Program



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