How To Be More Feminine [Beginner’s Guide]

how to be more feminine

Do you want to know how to be more feminine? If so, then you’ll love the 55 tips I will share with you in this article! These tips will help you to become more feminine and find your new power.

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How to feel more feminine

Anyone can start to feel more feminine. These tips will help you to regain your feminine grace and gentleness.

1. Tap into your body

One of the best ways to be more feminine is to tap into your body.

Do you tend to be more “in your head”? Learning how to tap into your body is a key part of becoming more feminine.

2. Open up to pleasure

To be more feminine, allow yourself to experience more pleasure.

Do more activities in your life just for pleasure and joy.

3. Reflect

In order to be more feminine, it’s important to reflect.

How much time do you spend with yourself in silence? Nurture the connection you have with yourself and spend more time reflecting.

4. Connect to your emotions

Another key way to be more feminine is to explore your emotions.

Knowing how to process your emotions in a healthy way allows you to be more feminine.

5. Rest

It is hard to be more feminine energy if you are exhausted. That’s why resting is an important part of becoming more feminine.

Take a day off, sleep in and restore your body.

6. Dance

Circular, flowy movements are at the heart of feminine energy. That’s why dance is such a powerful tool to be more feminine.

7. Engage your senses

Another key way to connect to be more feminine is to engage your senses. Can you surround yourself with more pleasurable sounds, smells, or colors? Engage as many senses as you can to be more feminine.

8. Embrace your sensuality

Another key way to radiate feminine energy to be more feminine is to embrace your sensuality. Try new things and explore new ways how you can be more sensual.

9. Be in the present moment

To be more feminine it is crucial to be present in the moment. Savor the present moment and fully embrace the here and now. 

How to have more feminine energy

10. Surround yourself with women

To be more feminine, build relationships with women.

Do you spend time mostly around men? How can you add more sisterhood time into your life?

11. Trust your intuition

One of the best ways how to be more feminine is to follow your intuition.

Do you always use logic to make decisions? To connect to your feminine energy, start acknowledging your intuition and follow its guidance. 

12. Optimize your cycle

Learning how to work with your cycle is a crucial part of becoming more feminine.

Women are cyclical and when you learn how to tune in with your cycles you will find a new source of energy.

13. Spend time in nature

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways how to be more feminine.

When you are in nature, it is easier to connect to your feminine energy.

14. Nurture your relationships

To be more feminine, prioritize love and connection. 

Nurture your relationships and the people around you. How can you create a better community around yourself? 

15. Cultivate beauty

To be more feminine, create and cultivate beauty. How can you bring more beauty and grace into your life? Do you take time to beautify yourself and the spaces around you?

16. Create

Another key way to be more feminine is to tap into your creativity. Purse activities that allow you to express yourself freely.

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How to be more feminine dating

Knowing how to be feminine is the secret sauce to successful dating. So how to be more feminine when dating?

17. Let him lead

To be more feminine on a date, let the man lead. A feminine woman knows how to lean back and let the man lead the date. Let him come up with the date ideas and let him plan the details.

18. Let him invest

To be more feminine on a date, be open to him investing in you. Whether he offers to pay for dinner or to help you with a problem, say yes to his providing. 

19. Show appreciation

To be more feminine on a date, say thank you and show him appreciation for even the smallest things. This shows him you are a receptive feminine woman and that you are able to receive what he provides.

20. Stay mysterious

Don’t reveal everything about yourself in the first interaction. Don’t overshare just to try to impress him. To be more feminine, stay mysterious and make him wonder what you do in your life.

21. Use your body language

To be more feminine on a date, use your body language. Slow down your movements, be softer and use eye contact.

22. Be playful

One of the key ways to be more feminine on a date is to be playful. Drop the heaviness of work and life and bring more lightness and playfulness on your date.

23. Speak from your body

To be more feminine on a date, talk more about your feelings. You can share your dreams, passions, fears, and desires. Sharing how you feel, will instantly deepen the connection between the two of you.

24. Have boundaries

To be more feminine on a date, know how to express your boundaries with kindness. This shows you value and respect yourself and he will see you as a high-value woman.

How to be more feminine in relationships

Learning how to be more feminine in a relationship will bring the lost polarity and help you create an ideal healthy connection.

25. Receive

To be more feminine in a relationship, learn the art of receiving. Are you an over-giver? How do you receive without feeling obliged to reciprocate? Learn to accept help, support, and compliments with an open heart.

26. Don't chase

To be more feminine in a relationship, do not chase. When you don’t need or demand attention, it will naturally come to you.

27. Ask for help

Asking for help is a great way how to be more feminine in a relationship.

Asking for help is not weak. Show your partner you trust him, by asking him to support you.

28. Show your softer side

Learning how to open up and be vulnerable is a great way how to be more feminine in a relationship. Don’t be afraid to show him your softer side. 

29. Be responsible for your own happiness

When you take responsibility for your happiness, you instantly become more feminine. Don’t put all the pressure on your relationships and make yourself the happiest person first.

30. Praise him

To be more feminine in a relationship, give your partner enough compliments. A man wants to feel like he is useful and he can take care of you. So compliment his efforts and appreciate him.

31. Inspire him

Your beauty, kindness, and love are a big source of inspiration for your partner. When you are a positive force in his life, it inspires him to be better.

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How to act more feminine

32. Move gracefully

To be more feminine, start moving more gracefully.

Take your time to walk slowly and pay attention to your surroundings. Become more caring, and patient in the everyday situations.

33. Speak kindly

To be more feminine, be respectful and kind to other people. Try to respond as gracefully as you can and show you have emotional intelligence and handle situations in a healthy way.

34. Have a good posture

Keeping a straight posture shows confidence and elegance. 

To be more feminine keep your body language open and welcoming.

35. Be a good listener

Another important way to be more feminine is to be a good listener and improve your conversation skills.

Are you a good listener or do you tend to interrupt people when they talk?

36. Do not gossip

Not engaging in gossiping is another very important way how to be more feminine.

To improve your feminine manners, focus on yourself and your life and avoid talking badly about others.

How to look more feminine

Another way to be more feminine is to look more feminine. Choosing to look more feminine will make you feel more beautiful and attractive.

37. Focus on grooming

To be more feminine perfect your grooming routine. If you take a good care of your skin and hair, you will always be feminine no matter what outfit you wear. Grooming and a good hygiene always goes first.

38. Sleep well

Sleep is the foundation of your beauty. Improve your sleep routine and make sure you are getting enough quality rest.

39. Put attention to details

To be more feminine put attention to details. Make sure you spend time improving your looks and beauty.

40. Keep yourself hydrated

To be more feminine, keep yourself hydrated. Drink enough water to be full of energy and look younger.

41. Wear a perfume

Perfume is a great way to be more feminine. Choose a new signature smell that will make you feel feminine.

42. Wear jewelry

To be more feminine, invest in good accessories and jewelry. Research what type of earrings complements the shape of your face and get yourself a few high-quality pieces you love.

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How to dress more feminine

43. Choose natural fabrics

The fabrics you wear play a role in your overall look and confidence.

To be more feminine, stick to natural fabrics, like cotton, linen, or silk, because they are breathable and comfortable. A good piece of silk garment will absolutely make you more feminine.

44. Wear colors

Are you always wearing the same colors?

To dress more femininely, experiment with new colors. Add something new. Focus mainly on natural colors or feminine colors like pink, blue and red. You can also experiment with patters such as florals or animal prints.

45. Show your silhouette

To be more feminine, choose clothes that show your silhouette. Avoid anything too revealing or too tight.

46. Look clean and polished

No matter what outfit you choose, it is important to keep everything clean and polished. This might mean cleaning your shoes before you leave the house or making sure your clothes are properly ironed and without wrinkles. Also do not keep any damaged clothes in your closet. 

47. Wear skirts and dresses

One of the best ways to dress more femininely is to wear skirts and dresses. Find a flowy summer dress that makes you feel like a goddess.

48. Wear lingerie

Putting on some lingerie instantly makes you feel more powerful and feminine. Wear a nice piece of lingerie, even if you wear it just for yourself.

How to look more feminine without makeup

There are many ways how you can be more feminine even if you don’t feel like putting on makeup. These tips are perfect for days when you are busy, but you still want to look more feminine.

49. Keep your eyebrows on point

Your eyebrows frame your face, so it’s really important to keep on point. You might invest in getting your eyebrows professionally done once in a while – to find your ideal shape and get them tinted.

50. Moisturize your lips

Keep a lip balm in your bag and apply it throughout the day to make your lips moisturized and healthy

It’s a simple step with huge benefits! You can choose a tinted color for more fun.

51. Wear a perfume

To be more feminine, make sure to have a bottle of your favorite perfume with you all the time, so you can apply some when you need an extra boost of confidence.

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How to be more feminine at work

52. Use your superpowers

To be more feminine at work, don’t be afraid to use your feminine superpowers.

Some of these qualities are communication, empathy, and having intuitive insights about situations.

53. Focus on relationships

To be more feminine at work, focus on relationships in the workplace.

Is there a way for you to build better relationships with your colleagues?

54. Bring healthy competition

To be more feminine at work, create healthy competition for yourself.

Do not compare yourself with others and rather focus on yourself. Get inspired by others, rather than competitive with others.

55. Protect your energy

To be more feminine at work, protect your energy. Don’t be a people pleaser and instead set some boundaries.

Final Thoughts on How to be More Feminine

There are so many ways to be more feminine, from simple activities like resting or reflecting, to more energetic activities like dancing or spending time with more women.

No matter what you choose to do, the key is to to whatever feels the best for you.

So if you’re looking to be more feminine, try some of these tips and see how they help you become the next level version of yourself.

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