3 Dating Mistakes You Make When You Lack Feminine Energy

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What are the dating mistakes we make when we lack our feminine energy?

Today I will share with you the 3 biggest mistakes I used to make in dating before I knew anything about feminine energy.

And oh girl yes …

… dating without feminine energy is tough!!!

I hope this article finds you well, so you can avoid these mistakes yourself!


1) Trying to get attention with achievements

Trying to get attention with my achievements is the first mistake I made when I was not in my feminine energy.

Like many of us, I didn’t have the right role models in my childhood.

So when I started dating, I was clueless …

And I did what I thought was LOGICAL.

I admired the achievements of the man I was dating, so I thought he must care about the same thing with the same importance …

This was a HUGE mistake!

I thought that in order to get the man, I need to do more, be more, and achieve more. 

I thought I needed to prove myself.

I was spinning my wheels, trying really hard … only to realize … I was driving him away and not getting the love I desired.

I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I felt heartbroken, alone, and sad.

What I was missing:

Women and men experience love differently !!!

Just because I admired his achievements … he didn’t necessarily admire the same in me.

He deeply wanted to fall in love with my softness, kindness, sweetness, and femininity.

My not showing him this part of me – was driving him away.

Only when I understood that men and women primarily value different things, I was able to start focusing on the right things …

Developing and coming back to my authentic femininity, softness, grace, and feminine heart.

Your achievements are important … but that’s not what you want him to fall in love with.

By letting him fall in love with your femininity, you will feel deeply seen and get the nourishing love you desire.

2) Not being able to recognise healthy masculine men

The second mistake I used to do in my dating life before I knew about feminine energy is not being able to spot and recognise healthy masculine men.

When you yourself are mostly in masculine energy – you attract feminine men.

When you are in your wounded feminine energy – you attract men in their wounded masculine energy.

I experienced it all …

The feminine man, who is not willing to lead.

The flashy man, who hides his lack of confidence by puffing his chest.

The man who confuses healthy masculinity with being forceful and aggressive.

I literally thought …

there are no good men out there.

What I was missing:

Only when we step into our healed feminine energy, we are able to see and recognize healthy masculine men.

These men feel grounded…

like a safe place …

a rock, we can always count on!

He has values and integrity.

His actions speak louder than his words.

He further amplifies our feminine energy and makes us feel at home.

If you are not attracting or even seeing men like this in your life …

The only solution is to change from the inside and heal your feminine energy.

3) Not seeing my value

The third mistake I used to make before I learned about feminine energy is not seeing my value.

When I started dating, I had no clue about the value of feminine energy each women inherently carry.

And I was giving myself away …

By giving my attention to people who didn’t deserve it.

By giving away my body just after a few drinks.

By giving my hopes in men who put very little effort.

By staying with men to whom I needed to explain my value.

By staying in situations that just created more trauma and drama to my nervous system.

What I was missing:

If you are a woman, you inherently carry feminine energy inside you!

This energy is so extremely valuable and potent!

Men benefit just from your presence. They benefit from your feminine energy …

Imagine a man who never had a woman …

and now imagine a man who has slept with many …

Can you see the difference in their confidence level? How do they hold their body? How easy it is for them to get more women, more wealth, more motivation?

Men benefit from your feminine energy. They can turn it into more wealth, health, and confidence for themselves.

Invest in the man, you want to support!!!

A man that is worth it and will support you back.

And from the rest of the men …

Treasure yourself, value yourself, protect yourself!

Don’t just give yourself away.

You are way more powerful than you could ever think.

Final Thoughts

These were the 3 mistakes I used to make in dating before I learned and embodied my feminine energy.

And I have to say …

Dating with your feminine energy is WAY MORE FUN.

It’s no longer a place to feel lost and hopeless.

Activating your feminine energy gives you guidance, wisdom, self-worth, and self-love.

It makes everything easier!

And that’s why I am so passionate about it.

If you would love to learn and embody feminine energy for yourself, my 7-week Unlock Feminine Program is the perfect place to start!

Until next time, much love,


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