9 Dark Feminine Energy Traits

dark feminine energy traits

Dark feminine energy traits are crucial for you to embody if you want to be in your full feminine energy power.

Dark feminine energy helps you to hold boundaries and have a strong magnetic presence.

So what are the dark feminine energy traits? 

Dark feminine energy traits

Here are 9 dark feminine energy traits:

  1. Mysterious
  2. Seductive
  3. Strong boundaries
  4. High self-respect
  5. Private
  6. Always leveling up
  7. Holds her standards
  8. Manifesting fast
  9. Silent
Let me explain more about each of these traits …

1. Mysterious

One of the first traits of dark feminine energy is a mystery.

A woman embodied in her dark feminine energy doesn’t reveal too much about herself. She is keeping her life, accomplishments, and secrets to herself and she will share only with her close circle.

She doesn’t overshare and she is not interested in impressing anyone with cheap talk.

2. Seductive

Another dark feminine energy trait is seduction.

A woman in her dark feminine energy is powerfully connected to her body and pleasure. This is what makes her the ultimate magnet and attraction.

She brings an entirely new level of intimacy and passion to any connection.

3. Strong boundaries

Having strong boundaries is one of the traits of dark feminine energy.

A woman in her dark feminine energy knows her boundaries and she knows how to hold up to them.

She knows how to put people in their place. She knows how to deal with men who do not have the best intentions for her. Nobody can mess with a woman in her feminine energy.

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4. Hign Self-respect

Another trait of dark feminine energy is having high self-respect.

A woman with her dark feminine energy loves herself. She prioritizes herself.

She is not a people-pleaser. She knows when to walk away and she definitely doesn’t have the nice girl syndrome.

5. Private

Being private is another dark feminine energy trait.

Dark feminine energy woman isn’t afraid to spend time alone and in solitude.

She doesn’t suffer from a fear of missing out. She is very selective about what people she keeps around her. She keeps herself in the best company.

6. Always leveling up

A woman in her dark feminine energy is constantly reaching new heights, growing and evolving.

She deeply cares for herself and her growth. 

She is always improving her skills and knowledge. She works towards becoming the best version of herself. Through inner work, she is constantly leveling up.

7. Holds her standards

One of the traits of dark feminine energy is having high standards.

A dark feminine energy woman does not settle for less than she deserves. She isn’t afraid to walk away and move on.

 She does not stay around settling for the minimum and begging for improvement. She knows by walking away, she clears up the space for new better things to come her way.

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8. Manifesting fast

Being a strong manifestor is one of the dark feminine energy traits.

A woman with her dark feminine energy gets what she wants and she gets it fast.

She follows her true desires and what she wants.

9. Silent

Silence is one of the dark feminine energy traits.

Dark feminine energy woman observes rather than talk. She is moving in silence most of the time.

She doesn’t engage in drama or argues. She knows the power of silence.

Final Thoughts on Dark feminine energy traits

These were 9 dark feminine energy traits.

Opposite to light feminine energy, dark feminine energy is about mystery, silent presence, and having a strong sense of self and boundaries.

Do you need to embody more dark feminine energy? Which one of these traits would you like to embody in your life?

By embodying dark feminine energy trains, you will step into your full potential.

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