9 Light Feminine Energy Traits

light feminine energy traits

Embodying light feminine energy traits is so important to live your full experience as a feminine woman.

Light feminine energy helps you to create that soft, warm, feminine presence that all people love and adore.

So what are the light feminine energy traits? 

Light Feminine Energy Traits

Here are 9 light feminine energy traits:

  1. Open
  2. Warm
  3. Present
  4. Elegant
  5. Charismatic
  6. Happy
  7. Confident
  8.  Loving
  9.  Calm

Let me explain more in details about each trait …

1. Open

Openness is the first trait of light feminine energy.

A woman in her light feminine energy is open to life as it happens. She doesn’t close herself of to certain opportunities, peoples or outcomes. She is not attached to things being a certain way. She can flow with life and enjoys everything as it comes.

2. Warm

One of the main light feminine energy trait is being warm.

A light feminine energy woman has a very warm and welcoming aura. She easily connects to people and people love to be in her energy. She i able to bring her warm presence and instantly light up the room.

3. Present

Being present is one of the light feminine energy traits.

A light feminine energy woman is connected to the present moment and she is fully happy being right here and now. She is experiencing life with an open heart and making the most out of every experience.

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4. Elegant

Elegance is another light feminine energy trait.

A woman in light feminine energy carries herself with grace and elegance. She might have a romantic and delicate vibe to her. She naturally loves beauty and putting on clothes that make her feel the best.

5. Charismatic

Another light feminine energy trait is charisma.

When a woman is in her light feminine energy, she is very attractive and charismatic to people. She is very easy to start a conversation with. People are drawn to her positive energy and they leave feeling uplifted by the interaction.

6. Happy

Happiness is another trait of a light feminine energy.

A woman in her light feminine energy is very happy with her life and herself. She is genuinely happy and content. 

She is living a fulfilling life and her life is constantly getting better and better as a result.

7. ConfidenT

Another trait of light feminine energy is confidence.

A woman in her light feminine energy is very confident and content with who she is. She is following her own unique path in life and she focuses on herself. She does not try to be someone else or compare her life to others. She is fully in love with her own life experince and she has the guts to follow what is right for her without questioning herself.

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8. Loving

Being loving is another light feminine energy trait.

A light feminine energy woman is loving towards all people around her. She believes that people should be treated with love and respect.

9. Calm

Finally, calmness is a very important light feminine energy trait.

A woman in her light feminine energy is not easy put her mood down. She is not easily triggered or stressed. She believes life is always working out for her and everything will turn out as it supposed to. This quality helps her to carry a calm presence.

Final Thoughts on Light Feminine Energy Traits

I shared with you 9 light feminine energy traits.

Opposite to dark feminine energy, light feminine energy is about lightness, openness, and happiness.

Do you wish to embody more light feminine energy? Which one of these traits do you crave to embody in your life?

By tapping into your light feminine energy traits, you instantly improve and uplevel your life.

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