10 Habits of a Feminine Woman

habits of a feminine woman

Every woman has different habits that keep her life fulfilling and beautiful.

However, there are some general habits of a feminine woman that will keep you in touch with your feminine energy.

In this blog post, I will share with you 10 habits of a feminine woman.

Habits of a feminine woman

Here are 10 habits of a feminine woman:

  1.  Nourishing
  2. Stress relief practice
  3. Positive attitude
  4. Building relationships
  5. Investing in growth
  6. Reflection
  7.  Cycle syncing
  8. Appreciate nature
  9. Creating beauty
  10. Receiving

Now, let me tell you more about each of these …

1. Nourishing herself

A feminine woman has a habit of nourishing herself first. She knows she needs to take care of herself and fill up her own cup.

She nourishes her body, mind, and spirit with healthy habits. She takes care of her diet, physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. She listens to her intuition about what she needs at the moment and she gives herself all the care and nourishment that is necessary for her to function at her best. 

She has a habit of nourishing herself regularly.

2. Stress relief practice

A feminine woman has a really good habit of stress relief practices. She knows she needs to create rituals that calm down her nervous system and help her to wind down.

She has a habit of releasing any excess stress daily with a calming morning or evening routine. She knows what practices puts her in peace, calm, and back to her feminine energy.

3. Positive attitude

One of the most important habits for a feminine woman is bringing a positive attitude everywhere she goes. She is easy to smile and laugh. She is overall welcoming and kind. She doesn’t engage in drama and mostly put her attention to the positive side of things.

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4. Building relationships

A feminine woman has a habit of building and improving her relationships. She cares for and loves the people in her tribe. She frequently reaches out to her friends and family to ask how they are doing. She remembers special dates such as birthdays and she expresses she cares about her people. Her people are very important to her.

5. Investing in growth

Investing in growth is a very important habit for a feminine woman. She puts time, energy, and resources into improvement and growth.

Whether that’s therapy, coaching, or a new book, she is never afraid to invest in herself.

6. Reflection

A feminine woman has a habit of stepping back and reflecting on what is going on in her life. This habit helps her to stay present, in touch with her emotions, and to follow her intuition.

She might have a habit of meditation, journaling, or spending time alone. She is in tune with herself thanks to these reflection practices and she takes better decisions in her life as a result.

7. Cycle syncing

One very important habit of a feminine woman is being in touch with her cycles.

She knows she cannot expect herself to have the same levels of energy, motivation, and positivity all throughout the month.

She is aware of how her cycle affects her and she makes adjustments accordingly. Maybe before her moon time, she makes sure to take some time off and slow down. She schedules her most demanding task to the ovulation time when she has the most energy.

A feminine woman is cyclical and she has habits and practices that make the most of her cycle.

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8. Appreciate nature

Appreciating nature is one of the habits of a feminine woman.

She loves nature and animals. She does not hesitate to stop and pet a dog. She might keep flowers in her house or she has a full-on gardening project in her backyard.

She enjoys a good walk in the mountains or a swim in the ocean. Engaging with nature restores her energy.

9. Creating beauty

A feminine woman has a habit of beautifying everything she touches.

She never misses the opportunity to create more beauty in her life. Whether it is playing with her outfit for the day or redesigning her living room. Beauty is an expression of her creativity, caring, and nourishment. She enjoys making things more appealing in every way.

10. Receving

Receiving with an open heart is one of the habits of a feminine woman.

Her heart is open and she welcomes every opportunity to receive. She has a habit of receiving every day. Whether it is receiving advice, gifts, help, or even just the sunshine on a beautiful day.

She is always in a receptive state and open to opportunities to receive. Receiving fills her up and she loves to feel supported by her home, people, animals, the sun and the world.

Final Thoughts on Habits of a Feminine Woman

Today I shared with you 10 habits of a feminine woman.

Which one did you resonate with the most? Which one would you like to add to your life?

These habits will bring you fulfillment and balance and make you a feminine woman.

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