7 Traits of a Female with Masculine Energy

female with masculine energy

What are the traits of a woman with masculine energy? Are you yourself a female with masculine energy?

In this article I will give you 7 traits of a female with masculine energy. If you can identify with these traits, then chances are good that you have masculine energy.

This is not a bad thing – in fact, it can be quite empowering! But it is important to understand what this means and how to use your power in the most positive way possible.


7 Traits of a female with masculine energy

Here are 7 traits of a female with masculine energy:

  1. She is competitive
  2. She is independent
  3. She is direct
  4. She is a leader
  5. She is logical
  6. She is a go-getter
  7. She is emotionless

1) She is competitive

A female with masculine energy is often very competitive. She loves to win and she hates to lose. This trait can be seen in her career, her hobbies, and even her relationships.

She is always striving to be the best. This competitiveness can be a great asset if channeled correctly, but it can also be a source of stress and exhaustion if not managed properly. Bringing more of her femininity will help her to drop the burden of never feeling good enough and find more peace and contentment.

2) She is independent

A female with masculine energy is very independent. She likes to do things on her own and she doesn’t like to rely on others. This independence can be a great strength, but it can also lead to loneliness and exhaustion if not balanced with some feminine energy.

When she learns to use her feminine energy, she receives help freely while maintaining her boundaries and independence. This will help her to feel more supported and contained.

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3) She is direct

A female with masculine energy is usually quite direct. She speaks her mind and she doesn’t hold back. This can be a great quality, especially in work and business. But it can also be a source of disappointment in romantic relationships.

When she learns to bring forth her feminine energy she sparks playfulness in her communication and her relationships blossom as a result. Her communication will be still direct and confident but with a softer edge.

4) She is a leader

A female with masculine energy is often a leader. She is confident and she likes to take charge. She is capable and people around her know it. This is a great asset in many areas of her life, but it can make her feel like she needs to do everything herself. Her romantic partners may also label her as “too bossy”.

When she learns how to embody her feminine energy she can still be a leader, but she also conserves her precious energy by letting others take the lead sometimes. This doesn’t make her any less of a leader – in fact, it makes her an even more effective one.

5) She is logical

A female with masculine energy is often very logical. She likes to make decisions based on facts and she doesn’t like to rely on her emotions.

Logic and analysis is a great strength, but when it’s the only way she makes decisions it can lead to overthinking and anxiety. When she balances her masculine energy with some feminine energy she is able to trust her intuition more and make decisions from a place of inner knowing.

This doesn’t mean that she should totally ignore her logical side – the two can actually work together very well.

6) She is a go-getter

A female with masculine energy is often a go-getter. She is driven and she likes to get things done. She is always moving forward, working on projects, and achieving her goals.

However, when she is not careful this quality can lead to burnout. When she brings more of her feminine energy into her life she gives herself permission to relax and have some fun. This helps her to recharge her batteries and stay motivated and more productive in the long term.

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7) She is emotionless

A female with masculine energy may seem emotionless. She doesn’t like to show her feelings or express her emotions. Being vulnerable is a sign of weakness in her eyes.

This trait keeps her safe, but it can also lead to her inability to create real intimacy in relationships. When she brings more of her feminine energy into her life she realizes being vulnerable with the right people is actually a strength too. It allows her to experience the warmth and closeness of a deep connection.

Final Thoughts on female with masculine energy

I shared with you 7 traits of a female with masculine energy.

Do you have any of these traits? If you do, amazing! I want you to be a strong and powerful woman.

Just remember to balance your masculine energy with some feminine energy too. This will help you feel more aligned, fulfilled, and happy in all areas of life.

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Masculine energy is just one part of who you are – it’s time to learn how to embrace your feminine side too!

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