“Am I a Masculine Woman”? [Find Out Now]

am i a masculine woman

Do you keep asking yourself: Am I a masculine woman?

I myself realized a few years back that I was a masculine woman. Knowing how to recognize when I am masculine then completely changed my life.

In this article, I will give you 9 signs you are a masculine woman, so you can quickly find out for yourself. So if you keep wondering “Am I a masculine woman”, keep reading.

9 Signs You Are a Masculine Woman:

Here are 9 signs you are a masculine woman:

  1. You are logical and analytical
  2. You are competitive
  3. You take action
  4. You like to lead
  5. You have judgemental tendencies
  6. You are independent
  7. You can intimidate people
  8. You keep your distance
  9. You are direct

1) You are logical and analytical

The first sign that you might be a masculine woman is that you are logical and analytical. You like to think things through before making a decision. You want to know all the facts and details before you can feel comfortable moving forward.

Being logical is powerful, however, when overdone, this leads to overthinking and analysis paralysis. By bringing more femininity into your life, you can learn to trust your intuition and go with the flow more. The key is to find a balance between your logic and intuition.

2) You are competitive

A masculine woman is often very competitive. You like to win and you compare yourself with everyone (both men and women). Being competitive is a great quality, as it can push you to reach your goals and achieve great things.

However, competitiveness can also make you feel stressed and anxious. It can also lead to comparison and feeling not good enough. Opening up yourself to your femininity will help you bring more peace and drop the burden of never feeling good enough. It will be the missing piece you’ve been searching for to feel whole and complete.

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3) You take action

Another sign that you might be a masculine woman is that you are always taking action. You want to get things done and you are not afraid of hard work. You have a can-do attitude and you are always moving forward.

However, taking too much action without stopping to relax can lead to burnout. It’s important to find a balance between taking action and being in the flow. You can do this by reconnecting to your feminine side.

4) You like to lead

If you are a masculine woman, you probably tend to take the lead. Being in charge is very automatic behavior for you. You easily make decisions, plan and strategize. You are capable and you like to be in control.

However, being a leader all the time may rob you of the opportunity to let others provide for you. It may make you “too bossy” in your relationships. And it ultimately leads you to feeling like you have to do everything yourself. When you start using your femininity more, you can learn how to lean back and receive. This will make you feel supported, loved, and cared for.

5) You have judgemental tendencies

If you are a masculine woman, chances are that you tend to be judgemental. You often see things in black and white and in terms of right and wrong. You tend to nitpick and you can quickly find fault in yourself and others.

However, being judgemental can make you feel isolated, hateful, and inflexible. It can also lead to having a strong inner critic who judges you. When you learn femininity, you learn forgiveness, acceptance, and kindness. You learn to be more open-minded and flexible. This will make you feel more connected to others and yourself.

6) You are independent

If you are a masculine woman, chances are that you take pride in your independence. You like to do things on your own and you don’t like to rely on others. You are self-sufficient and you are used to taking care of yourself.

Being independent is so powerful and it is something we have been fighting for centuries as a woman. However, if taking pride in independence leads you to refuse any and all help, this can make you feel frustrated and exhausted. When you balance your masculinity with more femininity, you know how to receive help freely while maintaining your boundaries and independence.

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7) You can intimidate people

If you are a masculine woman, chances are that you intimidate people. Your confidence, courage and ambition can be very intimidating for others (especially men). You might not even realize that you are doing it.

However, intimidating people can make you left misunderstood. It can also lead to people being afraid to approach you. When you use more femininity, you can learn how to soften your energy and make people feel more comfortable around you. You balance your masculinity with femininity and become the ultimate combination that is both powerful and approachable.

8) You keep your distance

If you are a masculine woman, chances are that you like to keep your distance. You are not used to being vulnerable, expressing your emotions, or showing your weaknesses. You might come across as cold, aloof, or unfriendly.

Keeping your distance is healthy and it is a form of self-protection. However, if you do it to the point where you never let anyone in, it can make you struggle to create intimacy in relationships. When you know how to bring your femininity forward, you allow warmth and closeness. You start using vulnerability as a tool for connection instead of something to be avoided.

9) You are direct

If you are a masculine woman, chances are that you tend to be direct. You say what you mean and you mean what you say. You are not afraid to speak your mind or confront someone. You also easily ask a guy out, ask him to come home with you, or make the first move.

Being direct is a great quality, especially in business and work. It is assertive and it gets the point across. However, being too direct can sabotage some areas of your life, especially romantic relationships. When you are in your feminine you learn how to be playful and subtle in your communication. You learn how to use your body language, tonality, and eye contact to make things more exciting and flirtatious.

Ask Yourself: Am I a masculine woman?

Do you identify with any of the above points? How did you score?

If you are a masculine woman, know that there is nothing wrong with being masculine. I myself realized that I was a very masculine woman a few years ago and it has been a game-changer for me. It has helped me to understand myself better and to create more balance in my life.

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Final thoughts on "Am I a masculine woman"?

If you are a masculine woman, chances are that you have many qualities that make you successful and powerful. However, these same qualities when not balanced can also make you feel alone, misunderstood, and exhausted.

Why not combine the best of both worlds? Why not be both masculine and feminine?

When you balance your masculinity with your femininity, you become the ultimate combination. You can have it all – success, intimacy, and connection.

So ask yourself: Am I a masculine woman? And if you are, what can you do to bring more balance into your life?

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