3 Signs You Are Addicted To Your Masculine Energy

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Are you addicted to your masculine energy?

In this article, I give you 3 major signs, so you can find out for yourself.

Make sure to keep reading till the end, as I will give you a solution too!


1) You don't nourish yourself

The first sign you are addicted to your masculine energy is that you don’t nourish yourself.

When you are addicted to your masculine energy – you are mostly in your mental, logical, thinking energy.

You are always in the future. Goal-oriented. Always thinking about the next thing.

As a result, you are DISCONNECTED from your body.

You overlook the cues your body is sending you …

You forget to eat, drink, or take a break.

And WHEN you don’t forget … then there is VERY LITTLE nourishment in the activity anyway.

You eat fast. You walk fast. You move fast.

For a woman addicted to her masculine energy … everything needs to be fast.

So how is it for you? How much nourishment is there in your life?

2) You hate wasting time

The second sign you are addicted to your masculine energy is that you hate wasting your time.

Does the typical feminine energy advice of “take a bath” or “dance more” sound like a joke to you?

If you are truly addicted to your masculine energy, these things feel like wasting time.

Maybe in the past … you even judged people who do these things.

That’s because you have very little tolerance for holding pleasure and being in the present moment.

You are REEALLY uncomfortable doing anything that is not productive, useful, or leading to some kind of result.

It goes so far that …

You can turn LITERALLY ANY activity into a goal … Always feeling the pressure to accomplish and make progress.

So girl … tell me the truth … are you outcome-obsessed?

(Just like me in the past xD)

3) You feel burned out

Feeling burned out is the third sign you are addicted to your masculine energy.

A woman addicted to her masculine energy doesn’t hold long … 

You and I are not designed to run this much masculine energy all the time.

It’s not our natural state.

It doesn’t lead to our most optimal amazing life experience.

So if you find yourself burned out, really dissatisfied, overwhelmed or just running low … you are probably addicted to your masculine energy.


So what now?

You found out you are addicted to your masculine energy …

Do you now abandon all your masculine energy and just do nothing, wear pink, and dance?

Well, not at all! That’s not very realistic.

Masculine energy is not bad!

It helps you survive and it helps you achieve.

And I don’t know about you …  but I absolutely LOVE my masculine energy. I love to achieve and make things happen!

KEEP your masculine energy!

BUT ADD your feminine energy too.

Creating space for your feminine, while keeping your masculine energy is the answer!

And you will be infinitely more powerful, more radiant, more joyful!

Not only you will achieve, but you will also enjoy.


And that’s exactly how I teach feminine energy in my Unlock Feminine Energy Program.

Integrating your feminine energy while keeping your masculine energy …

So you can have both 🙂

With love,


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