3 Signs You Don’t Know How To Receive

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Do you fully receive the blessings that life, men, and the world offer you?

Or do you block your ability to receive?

And how much are you missing out on by not being receptive?

Here are 3 main signs you don’t know how to receive, so you can start your journey into fully receiving!


1) You turn everything into transaction

The first HUGE sign you don’t know how to receive is that everything feels like a transaction.

When you receive a favor, you immediately feel obligated to give back.

When you receive a gift, you immediately think of ways to return it to be even.


Your need to give back does not come from a genuine feeling of inspiration and overflow.

It rather feels like a burden.

So much so that it feels easier to do everything yourself, not ask any favors, and not receive any gifts.


You receiving is already you GIVING BACK!

Imagine the joy you have when you help someone and they fully appreciate it. You feel it was worth it!

That’s how people want to feel when they give to you!

You showing appreciation and happiness and joy – is you giving back!

2) You feel unworthy

The second sign you don’t know how to receive is that deep down you feel unworthy.

Every time you play down or ignore a compliment … you communicate your deep feelings of unworthiness. 

Every time you reject much-needed help … you are showcasing how unworthy you feel.

We unconsciously block our blessings because we don’t feel worthy.

So we reject, reject, reject until everyone gives up on us … so now we again can feel unworthy.


A part of deep feminine inner work is stepping into your worthiness.

You are worthy, just because of exist!

By removing these blocks, you become fully receptive and more blessings come to you.

3) you always find a way to be unhappy

The third sign you don’t know how to receive is that you always find a way to be unhappy!

When it happens and somebody DOES something nice for you …

you find a way to critique and complain.

Ups I know … really tough to hear.

But I was like this myself too.

Like when my partner wanted to help me with a chore …

and I ended up horrified by his ways, criticizing him, and doing it myself with a furious face and agitated mood …

This is how women like you and me showcase our inability to receive!


Sometimes the first step to becoming more receptive is to allow things to be imperfect!

When your partner is really bad at folding laundry.

You fully allow him to help you anyways.

You relax, maybe laugh and fully let go!

That’s how you receive it!!!

Final Thoughts

These were the 3 signs you don’t know how to receive:

  1. You turn it into a transaction
  2. Deep down you feel unworthy
  3. You always end up unhappy

If this is you, don’t worry!

The feminine is created and born to receive!

We are literally designed to receive from life and men.

And you already started your path to receiving more by becoming conscious!

Great job!

I love how much learning how to receive impacts women’s lives, that’s why I teach the feminine art of receiving inside the Unlock Feminine Energy Program. Check out the program for your full guided feminine activation.


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