What Does it Mean to Be in Your Feminine Energy?

what does it mean to be in your feminine energy

When you are first coming across the concept of feminine energy, it can be challenging to fully understand what it means to be in your feminine energy.

Learning to recognize when you are in your feminine energy takes away the confusion and allows you to master the skill of being in your feminine energy at will.

So, what does it mean to be in your feminine energy?

Being in your feminine energy means tapping into your natural state of being and presence. This is manifested in many different ways, such as stepping into a more receptive role, focusing more on the process than outcomes, and experiencing pleasure, joy, and ease.

Keep reading more to understand what feminine energy feels like and what being in feminine energy looks like in different examples.

I will share with you some of my personal examples, so you can see how being in your feminine energy change from moment to moment.

What does feminine energy feel like?

Feminine energy feels like a state of relaxation and faith when you are not worried about outcomes. You feel secure and safe and you have overall faith everything will turn out well. You also feel more connected to your intuition, emotions, and body. You feel joy, pleasure, and inner radiance.

How do you know if you are in your feminine energy?

Usually, when you are not overthinking in your head and you are not trying to achieve any specific outcome – you are in your feminine energy.

You may also notice that you are more willing to surrender, relax, and trust in the process. You may feel the desire to enjoy what is happening at the moment, rather than focusing on trying to problem-solve or control.

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Is feminine energy negative or positive?

Feminine energy is neither negative nor positive. Feminine energy is just energy. It is neither better nor worse than masculine energy. Every human being animates both feminine and masculine energy.

In one situation you may benefit more from being in your feminine energy. The other time you may be required to be in your masculine energy. You choose at any moment.

It’s only when we are unaware of how we use our energy and we overuse our masculinity that we become unhappy, exhausted, and even depressed. Most women who get stuck in the masculine mode unintentionally, many times get burned out.

Being in your feminine energy is a moment-to-moment state

The most important thing to understand is: that feminine energy is a moment-to-moment state.

That means you can be in your feminine energy one minute, but then switch to your masculine energy the next.

Each and every moment we are constantly shifting between masculine and feminine energy.

And that is totally okay – the key is just recognizing when you are in one state or the other, and then making the choice to shift to the energy that best serves the moment.

You can be in feminine energy when doing "masculine" things

You can have a very “masculine” viewed job as a computer programmer, but if you are not focused on any concrete outcome at that moment and you are just enjoying the experience, creativity, and exploration- you are in your feminine energy.

On the opposite, you can do traditionally viewed “feminine” things with masculine energy. If you are wearing a dress, but you are more focused on an outcome you want to achieve rather than just simply enjoying the feeling of wearing a dress – then you embody more masculine energy.

The most common mistake you may make at the beginning of your feminine journey is to “try to be more feminine” out of a masculine mode. If you are trying to put on more make-up just because you have the outcome of trying to appear more feminine – you are in your masculine mode. If your “feminine” activities feel like just another task on a to-do list – then you are in your masculine energy.

The thing or activity itself doesn’t make you feminine or masculine. The energy you decide to embody makes you feminine or masculine at that moment.

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How can I be in my feminine energy?

If you wish to embody more feminine energy, simply focus more on the “being” rather than “doing”. Are you trying to achieve or are you simply enjoying?

One of the quickest ways how to get in your feminine energy at any moment is to focus on your breath. Taking deep, slow breaths is a great way to cultivate feelings of relaxation and flow in your body. Feminine energy is your resting state, so many times it’s about letting go and coming back to your state of being.

Women are naturally feminine, unfortunately, we have been conditioned out of our natural ways. So even though feminine energy is your natural state, you may struggle to connect with your feminine energy because of past conditioning, wounds, or limiting beliefs.

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Final thoughts on what does it mean to be in your feminine energy

Even though we as women, greatly benefit from our masculine “doing” mode, we are not built to be in our masculine state ALL THE TIME. And that’s when we need to know how to tap into our feminine energy, so we can have the balance, we so deeply desire.

At its core, feminine energy is about being. Your ability to tap into this state greatly influence your happiness, well-being, health, and your relationships.

So if you are feeling stuck, disconnected, or burned out – it may be time to tap into your feminine energy and allow yourself to experience life AT FULL.

Because you can have it ALL!

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