“I Wish I Was More Feminine” – 8 Tips For Women Lacking Femininity

i wish i was more feminine

Do you find yourself thinking ” I wish I was more feminine” often? Like you don’t quite fit into the mold of what society expects a woman to be?

If so, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

In this blog post, I’ll give you 8 tips if you want to improve your confidence in your femininity and stop worrying.

" I wish i was more feminine"

Here are signs you wish you were more feminine:

  • You are quite not feeling in your body.
  • You feel like something is not right with you.
  • You see femininity as something mystical in others, and you never feel you can reach it.
  • You feel awkward wearing extra makeup, feminine clothes.
  • You are afraid others will find it ridiculous if you change your appearance.
  • For as long as you can remember you have always wished to feel more feminine.
Did any of those resonated with you? If so, let’s talk about how you can make yourself feel more feminine.

How can I make myself more feminine?

  1. Find out what is blocking your femininity
  2. Stop shaming yourself for wishing to be different
  3. Work on your self-esteem first
  4. Take baby steps with your appearance
  5. Make space for the new you
  6. Find what compliments you best
  7. Don’t ever feel discouraged
  8. Define what femininity means to you

1. Find out what is blocking your femininity

Maybe you have some underlying negative beliefs about femininity that are blocking your ability to express yourself in a more feminine way. Or maybe there are certain aspects of femininity that make you feel uncomfortable or scared.

For example, sometimes we drop out of femininity because we want to be taken seriously, appear strong, etc. To find out whether you block your feminine energy in any way read this article next: 35 Signs Of Blocked Feminine Energy.

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2. Stop shaming yourself for wishing to be different

There is nothing wrong with wanting to change. You won’t stay the same person your whole life and that’s a good thing. You are willing to grow and explore new parts of yourself.

If you admire femininity in other women, it means you have it too. If you feel the inner call to explore your femininity, it means you are ready for change.

This does not at all mean you are trying to be something you are not. You are not tied to any identity. You can always change to what makes you feel the most fulfilled.

3. Work on your self-esteem first

Part of this journey is to learn how to stop being overly critical of yourself and stop the negative self-talk. When you work on your self-esteem, it shows up in the way you take care of yourself.

When you put extra effort into your appearance, health, and wellbeing, you are telling the world: I AM WORTH THE EFFORT. I DESERVE. You will feel pretty not because somebody told you so, but because you put that effort in yourself and you are proud of it.

4. Take baby steps with your appearance

If you feel awkward and too insecure about changing your appearance, start small. Anytime you are scared of others noticing and making comments you try too hard, take little baby steps.

Learn how to take better care of your skin, add a bit of mascara and a tinted lip balm, create a spa routine for yourself. All these options are small but will help you boost your confidence. In no time you will feel comfortable and ready to experiment even more.

5. Make space for the new you

Declutter your life to make space for the new you. When it comes to femininity, it’s a great idea to start in your wardrobe. Do a wardrobe clear-out. Get rid of the things that do not represent you.

Then you might feel inspired to add a few new things that make you feel more feminine. You don’t need to jump to things like dresses, skirts. First I want you to think about adding more quality to your wardrobe. Basics made out of quality materials, a properly fitting bra, and underwear. Start thinking about yourself with more self-love and care. How can you add more quality to treat yourself better?

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6. Find what compliments you best

Maybe you cannot control your height or your body type, but you can do a lot by choosing the right colors and fit. Stop trying to squeeze what everybody else is wearing. Focus on finding what uniquely makes you beautiful.

Research what makeup, hairstyle, colors, accessories, and clothes will best compliment your unique features.

7. Don't ever feel discouraged

If this is something you have never done before, it will take time. Trial and error are expected, so be realistic about that.

When you see someone effortlessly beautiful and feminine, they probably didn’t look like that from day one. They tried and failed. There are always many failed eyeliner attempts before you can create something decent. So don’t ever be discouraged.

8. Define what femininity means to you

I want you to start thinking about what femininity means to you. The truth is: it’s not at all just about the looks. It can mean softness, kindness, understanding, care, self-love, self-respect, grace. I could go on forever…

Femininity is a feeling and to get in touch with it I want you to write down what your top five femininity traits are. Once you know what they are, you can start working on incorporating them into your life more. This type of femininity can never be taken from you.

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What makes a woman truly feminine?

A truly feminine woman is confident in her inner authentic sense of femininity. Femininity is something that comes from within. There are many different aspects to femininity, and it manifests differently in every woman.

I hope these tips will help you and encourage you to start your own unique feminine journey with confidence.

Next time you find yourself thinking “I wish I was more feminine”, I want you to remember that you already are in the process of bringing more of your unique femininity to your life.

You can always email me if you have any questions or just want to chat. I’m always here for you!

Email: info@bykaterinacz.com

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