5 Ways How to Be Soft With a Man Today

how to be soft with a man

If you are looking for ways how to be soft with a man, you probably didn’t see much love and gentleness expressed in your home when growing up.

I was the same.

Yet it didn’t stop me from developing loving and kind relationships with men.

In this blog post, I will give you my tips I learned for how to be softer in your interactions with your partner so that both of you can feel loved and appreciated.

How to be soft with a man?

This is how to be more soft and gentle with the man in your life:

1) Show him appreciation daily

2) Soothe him by touch

3) Listen with attention

4) Look at him lovingly

5) Be the light in hard situations

Let’s start with the first one…

1) Show him appreciation daily

Start taking notes of the things he does for you day-to-day.

It’s easy to slip into the mode when we are just too busy, focused on what’s not working, being overly critical. We then forget the magic of those day-to-day small acts of love.

If you are now in the habit of being too hard on your man, you know how much it takes from your daily intimacy. It’s no good!

How do you show appreciation?

It can be a random hug, giving him a sincere compliment, tiny gifts… Even a simple thank you can go a long way in making him feel loved and appreciated.

It’s not difficult to show appreciation for the little things your partner does; it just takes remembering to do so.

Tell him how much that action meant to you and how appreciated you feel by his actions.

It will make both of you feel loved, and it will improve your relationship.

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2) Sooth him by touch

This one is so simple, and yet, it’s often overlooked.

I can’t stress enough how much men need the containment, gentleness, and caring expressed through touch.

Acknowledging how many stresses he is caring, and soothing him with a warm gentle touch is what will make you special in his eyes.

A light touch on his arm as you walk by him, a hug hello or goodbye, touching his back when you are seated close to each other – all of these little touches will help increase the love and connection between you.

If you just implement this one tip, you will begin to see a big change. Touch is the number one way how to be soft with a man.

3) Listen with attention

How often are you reactive and fast to judge when he talks to you?

Most of us are guilty of not really listening to our partners. We’re too busy planning our rebuttals and defenses.

When we do this, we communicate that we don’t trust our partners or that their opinion, feelings, and needs are not valid.

How can we listen better?

Being soft means making a conscious effort to really focus on your partner when he is talking, to create a safe space for him to talk. And then to respond in a way that feels supportive and loving.

This will make him feel loved, important, and validated.

Show him he has the freedom to talk and express himself without you getting triggered.

He’ll feel heard and understood, which are two key ingredients for a happy relationship.

4) Look at him lovingly

There is nothing like eye contact and being in the moment.

And when you are able to do so, it will become easier for him to read how much he means to you.

When we look at our partners lovingly, they will feel how much we appreciate them and how important they are in our lives.

Start making the effort to really look at your partner when he is talking to you – make eye contact and let him know that you are there for him.

5) Be the light in hard situations

Take off the pressure from day-to-day situations by bringing easiness into your life.

Don’t take everything so seriously. Not everything is the end of the world.

When something doesn’t go by plan – laugh about it, joke about it.

Lightness and joy are incredibly attractive qualities.

It’s also a great way how to be soft with your man as it will take some of the load off his shoulders.

He will feel that he can relax around you more, knowing that he doesn’t have to carry the weight of the world on his own.

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Why do you struggle with being softer?

There are 3 reasons you might be struggling with being too harsh on men:

  • You have fear around being seen as week
  • You have wounds from your past interactions with men
  • You learned this behavior in your family

All these come down to FEELING UNSAFE AROUND MEN.

You are afraid that if you soften the man will take advantage of your softness and hurt you.

The first 3 lessons of The Feminine Transformation Program is dedicated to releasing these wounds and limiting beliefs, so you can shine your authentic femininity freely.

Why is being softer important?

Being soft means you engage without fear.

You drop your protective shield.

And that’s so beautiful!

You no longer feel you need to be tough and hard all day.

It’s a step on your journey to becoming a confident woman having confident relationships.

Warning! Being soft is not...

being a doormat

I want to make this clear.

Remember, being soft with a man doesn’t mean you are weak or that you don’t have boundaries.

It simply means that you are choosing to be compassionate, understanding, and supportive in your interactions – which is what will make both of you happy in the long run.

Addressing your inner blocks

Maybe right now you can’t imagine doing these things for men.

You feel resentment, hatred, or fear towards men.

All these are coming from your inner blocks and wounds.

You will naturally encounter these as you go through your healing.

You can find journaling exercises and guided meditations here: Unlock feminine energy program. I got so many responses from women about how it helped them to clear their inner blocks.

It’s a journey with great rewards, I promise. It’s absolutely worth it to work on this.

The reward is kind, loving, present relationships.

That is just sooo fulfilling!

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Final Thoughts

No matter how twisted were the relationships between your mother and her partners, you can stop going for the same mechanism and patterns.

You can completely redefine how your relationships look.

I hope this article helped shed some light on how to be soft with a man.

Thank you! ♥︎ Katerina

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