7 Ways To Rest In Femininity

rest in femininity

In order to live a life in your femininity, you must learn to rest.

And I don’t mean just the typical relaxing and taking time off…

I mean to truly rest in femininity.

Resting in your femininity means leaning back and letting things come to YOU in all areas of your life.

In this blog post, we will discuss 7 ways how you can lean back and rest in your feminine energy, so you can receive more and feel happier, content, and fulfilled.

"Rest in your femininity" meaning

Resting in your femininity means leaning back and letting things come to you. It means allowing things to be easier and more effortless. Resting in your femininity means being grounded, secure and confident in yourself, your wants, and your needs.

When you rest in your femininity, you will find that:

– You are more present and in the moment.

– You are more relaxed and stress-free.

– You are more connected to your intuition and inner guidance.

– You are more open and receptive to new opportunities.

– You are more connected to others.

– You feel happier, content, and fulfilled.

So how can you rest in your femininity and live a life in your feminine energy?

How do you rest in femininity?

Here are 7 ways to rest in femininity:

  1. Stop trying so hard
  2. Rest in your center
  3. Allow yourself to be led
  4. Let yourself be pursued
  5. Let go of micromanaging
  6. Rest in your body
  7. Let things come to you

1) Stop trying so hard

You don’t have to be masculine to be taken seriously. You don’t have to compete to feel like you’ve “made it”. Your power is in your femininity!

Once you realize that, you will know you don’t need any of that masculine behavior. You won’t be overcompensating by trying so hard. You won’t be so tired and exhausted. When you rest in your femininity, you know you don’t have to prove yourself.

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2) Rest in your center

Focus on developing a strong sense of self. Imagine you will no longer be so sensitive to other people’s opinions and what they think of you.

Your sense of self will come from within and not from others. Every time you feel triggered or disturbed, just rest in your center and be self-full. Stay grounded and calm. Stay connected to yourself and be clear on what you want.

This is your life. Your path. Your opinions, wants, and needs.

3) Allow yourself to be led

If you allow men, they will provide you with safety and leadership. They will help you rest in your femininity.

This is not to say that you are weak or need a man to take care of you. It simply means that when you allow a man to lead you, you are trusting that he has your best interest at heart and that he can provide you with what you need.

You might be scared to do this.

But it is your only way how to find the truth about the man you are with anyway! Does he have your best interest at heart? How would he truly care for you if he had full power? Give him space to show you!

4) Let yourself be pursued

To rest in your feminine energy, allow yourself to be pursued!

Instead of initiating a conversation, let him come toward you. Let him initiate and plan.

Rest in your energy and be busy with your own life. Allow space for that masculine energy to pursue you.

You are the prize here.

Make space for that by resting. Lean back and he will lean in.

5) Let go of micromanaging

When you rest in your femininity, you will naturally let go of micromanaging. You will no longer feel the need to have control over everything.

I know it’s really scary and you might be thinking that so many things will just fall apart if you stop trying to control everything. But try it for yourself. Do a mini test. Next time you find yourself in a stressful situation, let go and watch for the results.

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6) Rest in your body

To have that feminine allure you are looking for, you need to be relaxed in your body. To rest in femininity, you can’t be uptight and stressed out.

One way to rest in your femininity is to get more in touch with your body. Think about it and many times throughout the day, try to relax and open up your body more.

Get a massage, do some yoga, or just straighten your posture.

7) Let things come to you

The final way to rest in femininity is to let things come to you. Trust and have faith that things will turn out way better than you could ever wish for.

When you rest in your femininity, this is what will happen. You will no longer be so attached to the outcome. You will simply trust and let go. Things will work out for you in the best possible.

Final Thoughts on How to Rest in Femininity

I am glad you are here because I really wish somebody would teach me all these things earlier!

Now you know that not only you can be strong while being feminine.


Being feminine is actually being strong!

Lean back and allow things to unfold in an organic way, rest in your center, and let go of control.

Follow these tips, and you will find that resting in your femininity is not only restful but also empowering!

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