9 Life-Changing Ways How to Radiate Feminine Energy

how to radiate feminine energy

Do you want to feel more confident and radiant in your femininity?

A few years back I was someone who struggled with radiating my feminine energy.

I didn’t even know feminine energy was a thing.

I was stuck in planning, doing, thinking. I didn’t know what I was missing.

Then I came across the concept of femininity and I started consciously expressing and radiating my feminine energy.

In this article, I will share with you how to radiate feminine energy and what I do exactly!

I put a lot of thought into this article to actually share with you what worked for me!

How to radiate feminine energy

  1. Be expressive, goofy, silly
  2. Relax – for real!
  3. Be happy, even when things are not perfect
  4. Celebrate your body
  5. Stay optimistic, even when things are tough
  6. Come back from thinking to the present moment
  7. Spoil yourself
  8. Say YES to spontaneous ideas
  9. Put creative thought into everything you do

Let me explain each of those …

1. Be expressive, goofy, silly

Feminine energy for me, is the part of me that is not afraid to be expressive, goofy, and random. It’s the part of me that just wants to enjoy life and have fun.

At first, I did it more from my masculine energy. I actually planned and thought about it. I directed myself: “okay, now it’s time to be goofy”.

It may sound weird. But it worked for me.

Now it comes to me very naturally. It’s a part of who I am. And I love that part of me. My partner, my family, and my friends started telling me I am much more fun to be around.

Scheduling some goofy time is a great way how to radiate feminine energy. Even if you do it from your masculine at first 🙂 

2. Relax - for real!

One of the most important things you need to do is relax.

This is key to radiating feminine energy!

You need to learn how to relax without feeling guilty.

Guilt is a huge barrier to relaxation. A lot of us grew up feeling guilty for just taking some time for ourselves. I know I did!

But, you need to learn how to relax and de-stress if you want to radiate your feminine energy.

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3. Be happy, even when things are not perfect

One of the biggest things I’ve learned about how to radiate feminine energy is that being happy is a choice.

One evening I was laying in bed, ready to fall asleep. I remember that night very clearly. I was thinking about all the things I am not happy about. I felt so far away from my goals and my dream life. I felt sad, helpless, and just unhappy.

Then I had a realization…

What if I ALLOW myself to be happy NOW, even when things are not perfect.

And I did. I allowed myself. And it was beautiful. I cried haha 😀

I truly experienced what it means: happiness is a choice.

Since that night I practice allowing myself to be happy in the most random moments, every day.

4. Celebrate your body

To radiate feminine energy, find ways to celebrate your body in your daily life.

You can do this by movement – dancing, yoga, walking, etc.

Or by putting nice clothes on.

Whatever works for you!

What’s the most important is your intention behind it!

One of the most important ways how to radiate feminine energy – is to celebrate your body!

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5. Stay optimistic even when things are tough

When I am radiating my feminine energy, I emanate a sense of optimism and assurance.

This comes from a deep knowing and security that everything will be alright. That I am supported. I know that everything will be alright because I trust in the process of life.

But learning to be optimistic was a tough one for me!

I used to be very pessimistic. Crumbling at any sign of things going wrong. I would catastrophize. It was not fun for me OR the people around me.

Start looking for ways how you can stay more optimistic and that way you will naturally radiate more feminine energy.

6. Come back from thinking to the present moment

One of the things that I do to radiate my feminine energy is come back more into the present moment.

I can easily fall into is spending too much time in my head, especially when it comes to the future.

I used to spend so much time planning and thinking about what COULD happen that I forgot to live in the present moment.

When you are radiating your feminine energy, you come back more into the present moment.

You are more here, now. You enjoy life more and you aren’t as stuck in your head.

7. Spoil yourself

To radiate feminine energy, you need to start spoiling yourself!

Get a massage. Take a bath. Eat more. Eat better. Spend extra time in bed.

At first, this was very weird for me. I somehow couldn’t allow myself to receive. I was very resentful of the idea of spoiling myself.

I invite you to connect to the feeling that you actually deserve this! That you actually are special and loved and worthy to be taken care of.

8. Say YES to spontaneous ideas

One of the best ways to radiate your feminine energy is by saying YES to spontaneous ideas!

Maybe it’s your partner suggesting a spontaneous trip, your kids suggesting a water battle, or your inner urge to just go for a random walk.

When they come, go with them. Don’t overthink it.

The more you do this, the more opportunities will present themselves to you and the more fun you’ll have!

I used to be very resistant to spontaneity because I wanted to be in control.

But when I let go and allowed myself to just go with the flow, life became so much more fun!

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9. Put creative thought into everything you do

When you are radiating your feminine energy, everything you do becomes infused with more creativity.

You may find yourself painting, writing, or cooking something new and delicious!

Instead of buying a new journal, you create your own journal with drawings and paintings.

You make a cake, but instead of using a recipe you just make it up as you go.

The possibilities are endless!

When I started doing things more from my feminine energy, I found that my creativity flourished!

Benefits of radiating more of your feminine energy

When you start radiating your feminine energy, these are some of the things that will naturally happen:

– You will feel happier and more joyful.

– You will come back into the present moment more.

– You will be more relaxed and less stressed out.

– You will emanate a sense of optimism and hope.

– You will be more compassionate and understanding towards others.

– Your creativity will increase.

– You will feel more connected to yourself and others.

The benefits of radiating your feminine energy are many, and they extend into all aspects of your life – personal, professional, and spiritual. When you live your life from more feminine energy, you create space for positive change to happen. You become an inspiration to others, and you open yourself up to new possibilities and opportunities. Embrace who you are and let your light shine! 🙂

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Final Thoughts

I hope you now have an idea of how to radiate feminine energy.

You need to start by becoming more aware of how you are currently expressing yourself.

Are you mostly in your head? Are you stuck in the past or worrying about the future?

Start making small changes to how you are living and see if it makes a difference in how you feel. If not, try something else!

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about Katerina

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As a child, I grew up with a single mother. My mother always had to be tough and strong to make up for the lack of a man in our family.

I always wanted to make my mother proud. So I tried my best to be strong and independent like her. But it was hard – I missed the warmth of a man’s love in our home.

I was working a corporate job and I was completely exhausted. I was frustrated with dating men who weren’t very masculine, and I felt like something was missing in my life.

But one day, everything changed.  I learned about femininity – how being feminine could  help me feel more fulfilled in life.

Suddenly, everything made sense. And so I began to incorporate more feminine aspects into my life.

My relationships improved, my self-esteem soared, and I finally felt like myself again. It was an amazing transformation, and I am so grateful that I learned about femininity early in life.

Now, I’m sharing what I’ve learned with thousands of other women through my blog.

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