3 Things Destroying Your Feminine Energy

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What is destroying your feminine energy?

As I explain in my course … feminine energy is naturally present in you!

This is how you are born!

If you had no blocks, your feminine energy would be naturally flowing.

Unfortunately, as we go through life, we take on baggage.

This baggage dims our natural expression of healthy feminine energy.

In this article I want you to become aware of what are the things destroying your feminine energy.

So you can HEAL through them!

These are also the things I personally overcame on my feminine journey.


1) Unsafety

The number one biggest block for your feminine energy is unsafety.

If you feel constantly unsafe, your natural feminine energy doesn’t have enough time and space to fully develop and reveal itself!!!

Unsafe situations are anything that threatens your well-being physically and emotionally. These can most usually be toxic relationships or unsafe environments.

After I got myself out of a toxic unhealthy relationship, my feminine energy started naturally flourishing.

The toxic dynamic of emotional ups and downs was constantly disturbing me and putting me in survival mode.

I had to leave and heal and create a healthy foundation for my feminine energy to flourish.

Safety is always the foundation for true feminine energy!

2) Overthinking

Overthinking was the second biggest block I had to overcome on my feminine energy journey.

Overthinking is a very heavy mental activity that keeps you in your head instead of your body.

AND you are missing out on SO MUCH when you are disconnected from your body!

There is pleasure, fun, joy, intuition and so much more!

I had to learn how to shut down my mind chatter and just be.

With that came relaxation, lightness, and ease!

I included the exact practices and meditation techniques I use inside the Unlock Feminine Energy Program.

3) Stored trauma

Did you know that your unresolved trauma and emotions get stuck in your body?

The tightness in your neck and shoulders, the tight hips …

AAALL of this is your body bracing … your muscles are tightening to protect you.

And when your body is tight, your energy is NOT flowing.

On my journey, I had to constantly work on softening my body. I did this with dance, yoga, and stretching.

Also, I had to learn how to process my emotions and release them in a healthy way.

I did this many many times with the most painful emotions that kept coming up for me.

I felt through the emotions, released them and they never came back ever since.


The newfound lightness and renewed flow of energy will be when your feminine energy starts to flourish.

Final Thoughts

The 3 things destroying your feminine energy we talked about today are:


These 3 are truly the foundation for your feminine energy!

Without overcoming these you find yourself constantly pulled back to your old ways.

Your natural feminine shows up when you free yourself!

I am also happy more and more women are joining the Unlock Feminine Energy Program.

If you wish to have more guidance on your feminine energy journey, you are welcome to join us!



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