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Increase Feminine Energy Meditation (value $9.99)

Find The Love You Desire Meditation (value $8.99)

Womb Healing Meditation (value $12.99)

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Raise your feminine energy, open your heart to love, and heal your womb.

Start feeling like the woman you were meant to be!

This guided meditation bundle has everything you need for a total transformation.

You can use them whenever it’s convenient for you: in the morning, during work breaks, or before bedtime. They are easy to use and will help raise your feminine energy so that you can start living life as the woman you want to be!

🎁 Grab all the meditations for $19.99. Saving 40 % off the original price.

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1) Increase Feminine Energy Meditation

guided meditation for women increase feminine energy









Do you want to increase your feminine energy?

If so, this meditation was made justΒ for you!

🌹  Designed to increase feminine energy

πŸ’ƒπŸ½ Connect to the powerful and confident woman you are

πŸ’— More than 100 positive feminine affirmations

πŸ”— Learn more here: Increase Feminine Energy Meditation


2) Womb Healing Meditation

deep womb healing meditation









Have you been feeling down, depleted, or disconnected from your femininity?Β 

If so, it might be time to cleanse and restore your womb.

πŸ’” Clear out past traumas and relationship trauma to allow healing

πŸ”ΆΒ  Release negative sexual imprint of past partners

πŸ‘« Instantly improve your intimate relationships

πŸ‘©Β  Release generational trauma

🎨  Restart your creativity

πŸ’ƒπŸ½ Improve your self-confidence and inner strength

πŸ’—Β  Gain the ability to receive and create with love

🌹 Restore feminine strength

πŸ”— Learn more here: Womb Healing Meditation


3) Find The Love You Desire [Meditation]

find love meditation









Ready to open your heart and find the love you desire?

This guided meditation will help increase the probability of attracting a relationship 10 fold!

πŸ–€Β  Open your heart to love

β­•Β  Bring your desired relationship

πŸ’”Β  Attract an emotionally available man

πŸ‘«Β  Attract strong and stable relationship

πŸ‘©Β  Improve your current relationship

πŸ”ΆΒ  Feel more love in all your relationships

πŸ’ƒπŸ½Β  Be more feminine in relationships

πŸ’—Β  Find the type of man you want

πŸ”— Learn more here: Find The Love You Desire Meditation


This guided meditation bundle has everything you need for a total transformation 🌹

Download now!



What others are saying?


“It is a beautiful way to reconnect with our inner self and the core of our femininity. I use it a few times per week and really feel like I am doing something valuable and very loving about myself. I strongly recommend getting it!”,Karin


“This meditation helps me connect with my body and femininity in a beautiful way, i’d even say in a pure and intimate way. it’s a touching experience and and provides a lot of awareness.”, Petra P.


“I attracted a wonderful man into my life. We’re in a relationship now ❀️I did this meditation two months almost every day πŸ€—”,Bendy


“This brought me to tears.πŸ˜ͺ Very powerful!”, Jessica


“This was truly a beautiful experience. I started crying when it was time to release all my sexual energy past and also of the women before me. Thank you immensely as I really do need to clear my womb and make it the beautiful place that it is… I will be doing this often. ✨”, Emily




What is guided meditation?

Guided meditation is simply meditation with the help of a guide. In this case, you are safely guided by listening to an audio recording.

With the help of this audio, your mind will enter a deeply relaxed state. Your subconscious mind will become open to positive suggestions.

It’s one of the easiest and most powerful ways to bring about positive personal changes. And it’s an effortless and enjoyable experience for the listener.


How does it work?

Once you complete your purchase you will receive a link with an MP3 file to download.

Listen as much as you want to form new habits and bring about positive personal changes.

You can listen anytime. The best is after waking up or before going to bed.

The meditation is guided. All you need to do is find a safe comfortable place, relax and listen.

For the best result listen with earphones.




1: I don’t know how to meditate. Is this product for me?

This meditation is suitable for complete beginners. You don’t need to know any meditation techniques. You will be guided through audio the whole time.

2: How can I get access to this meditation?

Once you complete your purchase, you’ll see a confirmation page with a download link with the MP3 file.Β  You will also receive the download link in the e-mail following the payment.

Simply download the audio to your computer, tablet, or phone.

3: Are there refunds available?

We are happy only if you are happy! A refund is possible within 30 days after the purchase. Simply send a request to and you will get all your money back. No questions asked.

8 reviews for Meditations For Women Bundle

  1. Mia

    Thanks for the best meditations

  2. Sophi

    Hey guys, the meditations are super amazing and I had instant impacts. I love when this happens. Thank you!!

  3. Emma

    Value for money. I am very happy with this this package.

  4. Stephanie

    i am sick of crying every day feeling lost and unloved, but i do my affirmations every day and my dog helps me xxx wishing whoever is reading this lots of strength xx

  5. Chelsea

    This is absolutely beautiful. I listened this morning, and really explored my feminine energy and some hurt places, it really helped. Places in my body felt awake and heard for the first time in a very long time. Something is stirring inside me and it’s ready to be known.

  6. Ketali

    Remember lady’s take care of yourself and nourish correctly ❀

  7. Katarina

    This just changed my life. This allowed me to face emotions & pain I have repressed for years. I feel so much lighter now. Thank you

  8. Rita

    I’ve done 19 nights of this so far and already I feel more of a surrender to life. I will enjoy my next two nights of this.

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