Self-Trust: Start Building Yours Now

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When you lack self-trust and self-confidence, you are always seeking.

Seeking approval, opinions, external security…

You do not trust yourself enough to follow your own guidance.

Developing deep security within yourself will ensure you live an authentic life.

A life that makes you feel fulfilled.

This is how you can start building your self-trust now:

Validate your emotions

This is the base for everything.

Your emotions are always real and always important.

Not all people are emphatic, not all people are able to validate your emotions.

Validate your emotions within yourself first.

Strong emotions such as anxiety and fear are usually unhealed parts of you.

They are screaming for attention.

Integrate them. Hold space for them. Heal them.

As a result, you will be moving forward in life in a much easier and integrated way.

Own your ideas

Don’t wait for others to validate your ideas and thoughts.

Look within yourself first. What’s the right answer for you? What’s your truth?

Don’t look for the right answer, look for YOUR answer.

Have the courage to say: this is not working for me.

And find your own way.

Find things uniquely authentic to you

Start noticing things that define you.

What do you like? What are the things you don’t like?

What is your unique expression? What are your unique thoughts, visions, and dreams?

What makes you feel good?

Then live according to that.

Follow the things, that make you interested.

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Connect to your inner power

Real deep self-trust feels calming and secure. Your body relaxes and you feel whole.

You know you will always take care of yourself.

You will always protect yourself.

You will have the strength to walk away from things that hurt you.

You will fight for your growth.

You will keep going forward for what you deserve.

You have all the power within you.

You don’t wait for anything or anyone.

You know, that no matter the circumstances, you are strong enough.

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