4 Tips to Honor Your Menstrual Cycle

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Do you feel extremely tired before period?

Do you feel no motivation?

Are you exhausted?

And do you fight yourself to not feel this way?

It took me a few years to figure out how to be more in touch with my cycle.

It was a long journey from feeling extremely anxious before my period every month to feeling stable and calm, empowered that I am in control.

Today I am sharing with you everything I have learned.

For years I was hating the time before my period.

My moodiness was extreme. I was unable to function normally.

The changes in my mood and my overall energy right before my period were so strong. I felt demotivated to keep up with the ambitious plans I set for myself just 2 weeks ago. I was failing my workout routine. And I was ruining my relationships by being overreactive.

Everything changed after I read the book The Optimized Woman by Miranda Gray.

I highly recommend this book for every woman to read, as it explains how our hormones, our body, our needs, and our strengths change throughout the month.

I started tracking my symptoms (anxiety, depression, exhaustion) in my period app and I started to see the pattern.

I highly recommend you do the same.

As you learn about your body …

you realize there is nothing wrong with you …

and you start honoring your body and its needs.

This book talks about the four different stages of the cycle.

The following tips are for the so-called CREATIVE PHASE. Day 21-28 of our cycle, meaning the time before our period.

This is most usually the phase with which women struggle the most.

We experience a major dip in serotonin and our energy levels.

These tips will help you to not fight it, but instead work with it better.

Schedule in advance

If your period is pretty much regular, you can optimize your life around that.

Personally, I know this phase is not ideal for me to organize a party, set important deadlines, start dating, exercise heavily, or start a new diet.

For these days I make sure, my calendar is as least overwhelming, as it can be.

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Extreme self-care

This is the time for extra self-care rituals. 

I noticed that the more self-care I put into my time before my period, the less I experience heavy cramps.

I take this seriously and I even sometimes schedule a complete day off, when I just relax.

Here are a few ideas:

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Explain what you going through to your partner and communicate what you need.

He should take you seriously.

This is real.

Your body changes, your hormones fluctuate.

It’s not just you being moody, weird, or crazy again.

When a man is not able to respect you, all of you. He is not a mature man.

You go through all these changes because your body can give him a child.

If he doesn’t honor this, then in my eyes, he is not a man.

Tell him what you need.

Make the best out of it

Maybe you won’t believe me when I say this…

But this phase also comes with benefits.

Feminine energy is represented by going inward, by being still.

This part of you is there for a reason.

It makes you stop and pause.

Here are some benefits of this phase:

As you work with your cycle, not against it, you start going back to your femininity.

Honoring it.

Finding your power in it.

Instead of just trying to keep up with the busy world.

What is your favorite self-care ritual?

Let me know.

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