3 Simple Ways To Be Nurturing

how to balance masculine and feminine energy

On my path to becoming more feminine, I stumbled upon the topic of nurturing.

We as women have the ability to create an atmosphere for something to grow. We can protect and care for.

I never saw my mother do this for her partner.

I never had a role model to follow.

I am discovering everything on my own. And now in my current romantic relationship, I am very intentional about it.

It feels great for me to be in that role.

Caring, soft, warm, gentle.

I am discovering a completely new part of me. And I want more of this.

It feels somehow mature, that I am stepping into womanhood.

It opens my heart.

To be caring for others, nurturing, creating a safe place for others.

This is how I tap into my feminine nurturing energy right now.

I hope you feel inspired!

1. Be a good listener

Take time to listen to your partner.

Give him your full attention. Create a space for him. Ask questions that show you really care.

For him, it’s not important, that you give him the right answers. You are not asked to solve his problems. He just needs someone who listens.

So don’t feel any pressure. Give him your honest opinions, ask sincere questions and encourage him.

2. Take care of your environment

Step into your femininity every day by nurturing the things around you.

Creating things more beautiful, more welcoming. Intentionally creating a space that feels like home.

I clean with the intention, that this is our home. I love doing that. I love to care for the space we live in.

Be grateful for the things you have around and nurture them.

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3. Touch

Express your caring through touch. Love his body, make him rest and relax.

I have fun connecting to my touch.

More than often I give him massages, not for him, but more for myself. To connect to my senses. To practice my femininity, my nurturing.

I believe that our touch can be healing.

Remember, this is not about over-giving. Only you doing all the work.

The right partner will give you back as much as he can, he recognizes your qualities, your values and he gives back.

There is so much more for me to explore on this topic. There are so many more levels and areas.

Let me know what you think.


about Katerina

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As a child, I grew up with a single mother. My mother always had to be tough and strong to make up for the lack of a man in our family.

I always wanted to make my mother proud. So I tried my best to be strong and independent like her. But it was hard – I missed the warmth of a man’s love in our home.

I was working a corporate job and I was completely exhausted. I was frustrated with dating men who weren’t very masculine, and I felt like something was missing in my life.

But one day, everything changed.  I learned about femininity – how being feminine could  help me feel more fulfilled in life.

Suddenly, everything made sense. And so I began to incorporate more feminine aspects into my life.

My relationships improved, my self-esteem soared, and I finally felt like myself again. It was an amazing transformation, and I am so grateful that I learned about femininity early in life.

Now, I’m sharing what I’ve learned with thousands of other women through my blog.